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9 Weeks Out to the Vancouver Pro Am Update Video with Posing

9 Weeks Out to the Vancouver Pro Am! It seems like such a long time but before I know it the show is happening and either I'm ready or I'm not. No excuses. This was the biggest bulk I have ever done to date, I got up to 217 pounds at my highest and right now I am sitting around 212 which by the way is exactly the weight I can be up to for my height class of 6 feet in the Classic Physique Open division.

I for sure have some fat to strip off but I also know this far out I can still grow into the show and add more muscle, maybe as much as 5 pounds more since my training load increases and my food gets dialed in.

I know I have at least 10 pounds of fat to be gone but add in another 5 pounds or so of muscle and that will put me somewhere between 205 and 210. Even 205 will be heavier than my last Classic Physique show about 6 months ago at Popeye's Fall Classic. That's a win in my books as long as the conditioning is on point.

Watch till the end of the video as I have some posing followed by some comparison photos of me a month before when I turned 49 and just before I left on vacation.

I also show off a new product called the Pocket Monkii which essentially is a super portable TRX system that you can literally put in your pocket! Make sure to checkout their Kickstarter page if you're interested in a really great compact and portable workout system.

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