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Health and Fitness Realistic Expectations

In this YouTube video I talk about some of the expectations people have when starting their health and fitness journey, sometimes for the first time or often times as a repeat attempt at getting in better shape and health.

I have found the most typical expectations are people that think because they start going to the gym a few times per week and eating better than before, that positive changes are going to happen right away. When these perceived changes don't happen so quickly, the expectation is met with disappointment or even a feeling of failure which can cause a person to give up entirely.

On the other extreme, some people have the expatiation that if they dive head first and go all out 110% into their health and fitness program. Working out several hours each day, six days per week while restricting their diet severely. For sure this type of person will see dramatic changes very quickly but in many cases they can not sustain this expectation of a workload with limited food energy. It simply becomes too hard to maintain this effort and burnout will happen eventually leading to that person failing usually because they either get injured or lose interest.

You need to find a level of Health and Fitness that is sustainable and works within your lifestyle, that goes for exercise and eating. You need to have a life and be able to still accomplish your other commitments while having a little bit of down time for yourself once in a while. Yes it may take longer to get to your Health and Fitness gaol but this type of Expectation is sustainable and needs to be a lifestyle change that you continue on even after you have achieved your health and fitness goals. You don't just get their and stop. Health and Fitness is constant and must be maintained indefinitely.

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