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Carnivore Diet Update - 1.5 Month Follow-up - Workout at End of Video

So I have been on the Carnivore Diet now for a little bit over 1.5 months. For the first month stuck to the Carnivore Diet fairly strictly, sticking mostly with meat and some dairy products. After the month was up I did allow myself to add in some carbs on the weekends but still stayed strict with the Carnivore Diet Monday to Friday. I also tried not to go too overboard with the carbs on the weekend as I noticed if I did eat a lot of carbs then I would bloat up and retain water almost right away.

Watch my video for all the details about what I experienced While trying out the Carnivore Diet for a month straight. Overall I feel much better on the Carnivore Diet in terms of sustained energy, my stomach feels a lot better with virtually no bloating or water retention while even being able to lose some fat even while eating pretty much what I want to, as long as it's animal based! In terms of feeling like I'm on a Diet, this is as good as it gets and I feel is a very sustainable and flexible eating program to be on longer term.


Carnivore Diet Update Video 1.5 Weeks

It's been about 1.5 weeks since I started trying out the "Carnivore Diet" and to be honest it is only getting better for me as I go... Stomach bloat is gone, energy is up and consistent all day even during workouts. I feel like I am holding a lot less water everywhere, my mood is good in general probably since I usually feel content and not hungry. Cravings for sweets and carbs is not a problem. I also feel like my body is tightening up and getting a bit leaner even though I am not on much of a calorie deficit.

The jury is still not in, it's only been a very short trial so far but I will be committed to this diet for at least a full month. Some small exceptions I have made to make things a bit more compliant to my lifestyle are the following. I do add some spices that will have some vegetable products in them. I do have some rye whiskey (0 carbs) in my diet coke so yes some artificial sweeteners but I am trying not to have a lot of them. I am also using a bit of hot sauce an mustard since both are super low carb and low calorie. I also have included some high fat dairy products like butter, cheese and cream but this is generally OK on the Carnivore Diet since they come from animals.

I look forward to the rest of this month to see what the full effects of a month on the Carnivore Diet will do for me...


One Month Off Training - New Carnivore Diet - Update Video

I have officially completed my full one month off from Weight training for the purpose of giving my body a well needed rest and also in hopes that my injured shoulder will have enough time to recover.

Today was my first workout and everything felt heavy which kind of goes along with how I feel right now, a bit puny :( That said I still have some muscle and I know my strength will return quickly but I need to ease into it this week. I also gained a bit of fat during this time from less activity. I was careful with my eating but was not super worried about gaining a few pounds of fat. overall I lost weight, about 5 pounds which leads me to think I lost close 10 pounds of muscle while gaining around 5 pounds of fat, all in a month off!

My goal over the next month is to weight 4 days per week fro at least 1 hour per day, I also plan on keeping busy with some other alternative activities on some of my non workouts days to keep the calories burning. I do not have any real expectation on what type of body composition changes will happen in the next month but I do expect to gain some muscle back while losing some fat. I mainly want to have a flexible and balanced lifestyle that I can maintain ongoing.

IN terms of my diet I am trying out the Carnivore Diet which is all the craze these days. It's kind of like the Keto Diet but with more focus on meats and less on fats with no carbs at all, so no veggie, pasta, brad, potatoes rice or sweets of any kind. You can add in some dairy if your body is OK with it.

So that's kind of what's going on with me right now, in a month we will see what kind of changes take place adn if this new Carnivore Diet works out well for me...