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Late August 2018 GetFitOver40 Update Video

In this late August GetFitOver40 Update video I talk about my time off from weight training to let my body heal up. It has been a long time since I took more than a week of form lifting weights so it has been kind of weird for me but I know it will benefit me long term even if I lose some mass short term. I am currently at three week of no weight lifting and plan to go an entire month without hitting a gym. I have been doing a lot of walking and a little bit of bike ridding which I feel has kept my leg mass decent but I am noticing some upper body muscle loss especially in my shoulders which I normally have to train a ton to grow.

After my one month of no weight training is done I will head back to the gym 4 days per week with my plan to hit each muscle group twice per week. Muscle memory I am hoping will kick in and I should regain most of my lost muscle fairly quickly.

I also talk a bit about some of the review items on my list. I have not forgotten about them, I have just been testing them out and getting some sample video and audio for my review videos. I am actually using the DJI Spark and my FiFine Headset Mic to record this video so make sure to watch it if you are interested in these products.I was actually very impressed with how well my DJI Spark Drone handled itself on this fairly windy day.

I mentioned in one of my earlier videos that I was testing out a product called the Kor Plus which is a water bottle that delivers magnesium, electrolytes potassium, calcium and even adjusts your water to a 9+ Alkalinity as you drink it using a filter system. Anyway I did not have a lot of luck with this product because it requires a fair amount of suction to get the water through the filter and I am juts not patient enough since I like to down my water quickly. Because of this I am getting my more patient wife Nicole to test out the Kor Plus since I do feel it's a pretty cool product even if its not the best fit for me.


Testing out the DJI Spark Shooting Some Airguns

This test of the DJI Spark Mini Drone was done more from the perspective of using it for my airguns channel but I do plan to use My DJI Spark Mini Drone to record and follow me in a similar way when I use it for videos. The method I use in this video doesn't even require a remote control or smartphone and I can have it take off right out of my hand.

I then use hand gestures to control the DJI Spark Drone to do things like: Place the drone in the right starting location, make the DJI Spark start recording video, have the Spark zoom up and out from me for an "eye in the sky" aerial follow me mode and then of course when I am finished what I want it to record have the DJI Spark return to me and land again on my hand. Again all of this without even taking the remote out of the box or even using a smartphone to control the DJI Spark Mini Drone!

Watch me test out the DJI Spark Mini Drone in my backyard while I shoot some of my Airguns at miscellaneous targets while I walk around and have the DJI Spark follow me while recording video.


DJI Spark Fly More Combo Unboxing Video

What? Another Drone? Is GetFitOver40 becoming a drone review channel... No I am not going to be reviewing drones as a habit but I did decide to upgrade my Yuneec Breeze 4K to a DJI Spark for a number of reasons.

Reason number one it's a DJI and they simply make some of the best Drones you can buy for the money. The main reason I ultimately went with the DJI Spark is because it just takes better quality 1080p Video which is what I'm after. It does this because it has a dedicated 2 axis mechanical gimbal that smoothes out the video even before the internal stabilization gets to it and make the video look even smoother so the end video output is incredibly smooth!

Some other reasons I feel the DJI Spark Fly More Combo was a better option for me are: It's super small, it was not really a lot more expensive, it has better tracking technology and can even understand hand and arm gestures for flying without even using a remote of any kind. The DJI Spark can fly faster and much farther than the Yuneec Breeze and has a little bit better battery run time.

In this DJI Spark Fly More Combo Unboxing Video I open the box for the first time and take a look at what you get inside. I had not flown the DJI Spark or even checked it out yet so everything is new to me and I am seeing it first hand and for the first time. I can say it is way smaller than I thought it was going to be. Look forward to some cool drone video on the channel in some of my upcoming videos...