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Oct282016 - October Update Video - DJI OSMO Mobile

This ones a short Update for October, I wanted to quickly test out my DJI OSMO Mobile in selfie tracking mode to see how well it tracked me while making this video. The DJI OSMO Mobile worked great but I accidentally had my iPhone 7's front facing camera set to 720p so the video quality is not as good as it could have been. Video quality aside the DJI OSMO Mobile did a fantastic job of keeping me in frame while I moved freely around the room, almost like having my own personal camera man at a fraction of the cost :)

I will be making a review video for the DJI OSMO Mobile at some point once I have played around with it for a while, keep in mind it will not be a full feature review but more so focused on what I find useful for my requirements.

Other topics I talk about in this October Update Video are my new workout program where I am hitting every muscle group every workout day. I have been doing this most weeks 5 days per week taking the weekend off. I can say I do not feel like I have lost any gains even though I did take some time off to go to Las Vegas and the fact that I usually train 6 days per week, there may even be some areas where I have progressed a little but it is still early on to know for sure.

I have even decided to trim my workouts down to 4 days per wee, so Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday with the weekend off still. I will still be hitting every muscle group every workout day so that means I hit everything 4 times per week. Keep in mind I do train at least 1.5 hours per workout so this is still about 6 hours per week of training and when I train it is very intensive with the focus on always progressive overloading.

I am hoping that at 4 days per week of training my life balance will be a bit better while still staying in relativelythe same shape, when I approach my next contest I will of course ramp up my workouts which should allow me to make some more gains prior to contest day.