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Viter Energy Mints Review

I was sent a couple tins of Viter Energy Mints to try out and post my thoughts on this product. In a nutshell, Viter Energy Mints are Altoid sized mints that pack 40mg of caffeine in them along with some other "B" family vitamins like B3, B6, B9 and B12.

For reference 40mg of caffeine is what you would find in about half a cup of coffee. But keep in mind coffee primarily gets absorbed in your stomach where as the Viter Energy Mints get absorbed in your mouth where not only does the caffeine get into your system quicker but more of it will get put to use. You can always take more than one mint if you need more of a kick, it is recommended not to take more than 5 per hour and 10 per day.

In terms of taste, the only option available at the time of my review is the Wintergreen flavour and the Viter Energy Mints do taste like your typical strong breath mint with no obvious caffeine or vitamin aftertaste.

Will I be ditching my morning coffee for Viter Energy Mints? Not a chance but that's not what they're for! Viter Energy Mints are for those times when a coffee, tea or other type of energy drink is not available or not convenient. Perhaps you simply don't feel like a beverage or trying to drink a beverage at that time would be a distraction?

In terms of cost if you are comparing raw mg of caffeine per serving, well the Viter Energy Mints are the clear winner here too since when you buy them in a 6 pack you will be paying just over $3 per tin of 20 mints. And since 2 mints equals the amount of caffeine found in a single coffee than your cost for your caffeine fix will only be about 33 cents. I have yet to find a coffee shop that sells a decent cup of coffee for under a dollar... Even when I make my own cup of coffee at home using my Nespresso machine I am paying over a dollar.

So there it is! Getting your caffeine fix and that boost of energy you need has never been so easy or convenient. Make sure to pickup some Viter Energy Mints for yourself and give them a try.

You can also head over to the website and check them out there.