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GetFitOver40 Fitbit Flex Giveaway - Winner Announcement

For the most part this YouTube Video is to announce the winner of my recent GetFitOver40 Fitbit Flex Giveaway.

I asked for suggestions and ideas on how to improve my YouTube Channel and Website and I want to thank everyone for all the great ideas but there can only be one winner...

You will need to watch my Giveaway - Winner Announcement YouTube Video to find out who the lucky winner is and why I chose them so make sure to click on the YouTube Video below.

I also go over a few other bits of info like how the testing of my MIO Alpha is going and my soon to arrive Basis Carbon Steel Edition Health Tracker Watch that's ordered and on its way :)

I give you a quick update on how my "Bulking" is going and some info about a local BCABBA Sanctioned fitness show I will be watching on March 1st called the Krack Klassic.


GetFitOver40 Fitbit Flex Giveaway

I am giving away my new in the box replacement Fitbit Flex. I while back I switched form the Flex to the Force and then to the Polar Loop / Polar H7 Combo so I don't need my Fitbit Flex anymore. My wife now uses the Fitbit Force and it is perfect for her needs.

So how can you get involved in this Giveaway?

  • First you need to be a subscriber over on my GetFitOver40 YouTube Channel.
  • You must Favorite and Like this video
  • You need to also place a comment to this video on how I could improve and or promote My YouTube Channel and Website. Pleas try and be positive, I would rather hear ideas that would help me rather than comments about what I am doing wrong ;)

So that's about it, the person that I think has the best ideas on how to improve GetFitOver40 will receive a brand new in the box Black Fitbit Flex!


Just Ordered my New Fitbit Force Wireless Activity & Sleep Wristband

Fitbit just announced to day a new wristband Fitness and Sleep tracking product called the Fitbit Force. If you are not familiar with these types of devices then make sure to checkout my review on the Fitbit Flex which is kind of the same thing but with less bells and whistles as the new Fitbit Force.

What the Fitbit Force offers over and above the Flex are some additional features like an LED screen that shows you the time and also allows you to toggle through the different information available like steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, active minutes, sleep info and even stairs climbed. Fitbit upgraded the Force with their leading-edge accelerometer and altimeter to use advanced technology and track your unique personal data.

My take on this is that the Fitbit Force is a bit of an up-sell from the Flex ($99 versus $129) that makes you a bit less dependent on looking at your smartphone for real time data along with more detailed and accurate info from the new advanced accelerometer and altimeter built in. Heck, now you don't even need to wear a watch anymore!


Get Fit Over 40 - Jawbone Up Giveaway!

As promised, I am giving away my Jawbone UP Wristband Movement and Sleep Tracker. the unit I am giving away is brand new as it is a replacement from Jawbone for my defective unit. I have not even activated it yet!

You can checkout my Review Video for the Jawbone UP and also my comparison video comparing the Jawbone UP to my Fitbit Flex.

To take part in this Contest - Giveaway you will need to do the following...

  • Make sure you are a subscriber to my GetFitOver40 YouTube Channel.
  • Favorite this video on my YouTube Channel.
  • Make a comment to this video on my YouTube Channel.
  • Give this video a Thumbs Up on my YouTube Channel.
  • Pleas also invite three of your friends or family to watch this video on my YouTube Channel.

Please not this Contest - Giveaway is only for my viewers in Canada and the US since shipping Internationally is very expensive.

Thanks and good luck to everyone who gets in on this Contest - Giveaway!


Jawbone Up Versus Fitbit Flex Wristband Fitness Movement and Sleep Tracker Review

After using the Jawbone Up and Fitbit Flex Wristband Fitness Movement and Sleep Trackers literally side by side on the same wrist for a period of about two weeks, I have finally come to the conclusion as to which one I prefer and will continue to use as my personal Wristband Fitness Movement and Sleep Tracker. I have split this comparison review into 12 distinct categories to breakdown the strengths and weaknesses of both devices, so without further adieu...


  • Very similar $119 for the Jawbone UP versus $99 for the Fitbit Flex.
  • Point goes to the Fitbit Flex for being less expensive.


  • I kind of like the styling of the Jawbone UP with it's stainless steel accents but I like the flush band and interactive LED's on the Fitbit Flex.
  • This one is a Draw. 


  • The Jawbone UP is much easier to put on but the flexible band can catch on clothing and objects and has fallen off at times.
  • The Fitbit Flex is a bit harder to get on but is less intrusive once attached and there is no real fear of it catching or falling off.
  • Again this one is a Draw.


  • Both of the bands show wear over time and you can see it especially on the high spots or edges, my Jawbone UP actually lost the metal button but Jawbone sent me a new band, (Jawbone has a good reputation for backing their products).
  • The bonus to the Fitbit Flex is that you can replace the rubber band part for about $15 and have it looking good as new while the Jawbone UP is an all-in-one unit so there is no refreshing the band without a full replacement.
  • The downside to the Fitbit Flex is that you need to clean the moisture from inside the housing area once in a while as I would imagine bacteria may build up over time.
  • Point goes to the Fitbit Flex for not breaking and having the ability to replace the band for a few bucks.

Water Resistance:

  • Both units can be used in the shower, however neither unit can track any type of actual swimming exercises with accuracy.
  • Jawbone recommends you actually take the Jawbone UP off when swimming as it is only "water resistant" which means it is not meant to have any water pressure on it. The Fitbit Flex can be worn in a swimming pool and is rated to 10 meters.
  • Point goes to the Fitbit Flex for being water proof down to 10 meters.

Ease of Use:

  • Both fitness band devices are easy enough to switch back and forth into their awake and sleep modes, the Fitbit Flex however gives you a real time fitness goal indication using 5 LED bar styled indicators and also notifies you when you have achieved your preset fitness goal for the day by flashing and vibrating.
  • Point goes to the Fitbit Flex for the extra LED eye candy and fitness goal alerts.


  • The Jawbone UP requires a hardware connection by plugging directly into your smartphones headphone jack so there is no realtime data display. (You can not sync with a computer using the headphone jack either).
  • The Fitbit Flex uses a wireless Bluetooth connection that syncs and updates in real time. You can sync with a smartphone or computer using the included BT dongle. (The BT connection will draw more battery on the band device and the smartphone).
  • Point goes to the Fitbit Flex for real time BT syncing.

Charging and Battery Time:

  • Both Fitness Band Devices use a USB charging adaptor to charge and both charge up rather quickly.
  • The Jawbone UP has a 10-11 day run time while the Fitbit Flex has a 4-5 day run time as it uses BT which takes up some battery life with its constant real time syncing
  • Point goes to the Jawbone UP for double the battery life.

Smartphone Software:

  • Both the UP and the Flex have very good Smartphone software that allows you to view your data very accurately, but I would have to say I like the way the Jawbone UP displays this information, it is easy to use and there is more detail provided especially when it comes to the sleep information.
  • I would like to note that you can enter your eating information into both software systems and also sync other partner Apps to communicate additional data back and forth.
  • Point goes to the Jawbone UP for it's super slick and easy to use Smartphone Application.

Computer / Web Based Software:

  • The Jawbone UP kind of drops the ball on this one as it only really syncs with a smartphone, even so Jawbone could send this information to a web based software program similar to what Fitbit has.
  • I find that I primarily use my iPhone to view my Flex data but I do periodically go online to the Fitbit website and check my data there as I can see it a bit differently and get some more detailed charts and information.
  • You do not need to have a smartphone to use the Flex while you do need a Smartphone to use the Jawbone UP!
  • Point goes to the Flex for being able to view your data on your phone or online.


  • One big advantage to the Fitbit Flex is the fact that Fitbit has the ARIA cloud based WiFi scale that sends your weight and body fat percentage to your Fitbit online cloud based account, this information helps you keep track of your weight loss or gain goals and also gives you an accurate reading on how many calories your body burns each day.
  • Point goes to the Flex for having multiple fitness devices that work together in harmony.

Accuracy of tracking Data:

  • This is hard one to measure, both fitness bands seemed to be consistent but I did notice that the Fitbit Flex was more generous with how many calories I was burning, usually about 500 calories more each day than the Jawbone UP accounted for.
  • Being that each person is different in how many calories their bodies actually burn, this is not really a big deal as adjustments will need to be made for each person as you figure out exactly how many calories your body burns each day.
  • This one is another Draw.


There where 7 winning categories for the Fitbit Flex and 2 winning categories for the Jawbone UP with the Fitbit Flex coming out for me as the clear winner here. Again this is just my take based on what I am looking for in a Wristband Fitness Movement and Sleep Tracker. I used the Jawbone UP for several months before I got the Fitbit Flex and was perfectly happy with it and found it to be a very useful aid in helping me achieve my fitness goals. At the end of the day the big deal makers for me are the integration I get with my Fitbit Aria WiFi Scale and the real time Bluetooth data syncing the Fitbit Flex offers.

Watch my YouTube Video Comparison Review for the Fitbit Flex versus the Jawbone UP: