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Workout Diversity for Injury Prevention, Recovery and Gains

I have always believed that changing up your workout program and adding a variety of workout strategies to your workout program is a great idea, but lately I kind of got a bit away from this. Perhaps I thought that the CrossFit classes I was going to offered enough variety for me and maybe if I stepped back just a bit then the CrossFit alone would have been just fine.

As good as CrossFit is, it can be very physically demanding and there is a lot of repetition involved, it's not really about how much working out I am doing at CrossFit but rather the intensity and demand I'm putting on my body five days a week. if I was in my 20's or 30's, perhaps it would not be as hard on my body, but now in my mid 40's I feel every workout more than ever and recovery time is taking longer than it used to ;)

So I am going to take my own advice and step back just a bit from my CrossFit, maybe only go 3-4 days per week and add some more diversity to my workouts, get back to my Total Gym a bit and do some less jarring isolation type exercises. I believe this will benefit me in the log run by helping to prevent injury, recover quicker from each workout and see more gains in terms of overall joint usability and muscle health and strength.

Watch my YouTube Video as I explain why it is so important to add Diversity to your Workout Programs to avoid Injury, improve recover time and see gains in strength and overall health!