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Jun162015 - Workout for Only 30 Cents Per Day

Recently I happened upon a new Gym located fairly close to me in Langley BC Canada called Fit4Less (by GoodLife). Yes I have a wonderful home gym setup but I still like to get out of my house and do a workout from time to time. Sure I enjoy my CrossFit gym workouts for their group type setting but I still feel the need to do my body building and isolation work since this is required for the physique I am going for.

Up until now I have been training at Fitness World since I am grandfathered into a really low month to month rate (About $14 per month). But I find the Fitness World hours of operation to be a bit limiting especially on weekends and many of the workout stations and dumbbells are being used when I am there working out which makes my workouts less efficient.

So I thought I would give a try, heck they only cost $8.99 per month for their basic membership and no locking in (as long as you are willing to pay their $35 initiation fee). You can avoid the $35 fee by signing up for a full year and at around $9 per month that is not a hard commitment to make ;)

The best part about is that they are open 24 hours and have a card-lock system for when their staff is not on duty. And so far even at the busy times I can still get a quick workout in since they have a ton of free weights and dumbbells on hand.

If you want to ramp up your membership plan you can go with the Black Card Membership which is a wopping $18.99 per month! The same initiation Fee rules apply but with the VIP Fit4Less Black Card membership you also get free tanning, free massage chairs and half price vending machine prices. You can even hand off your Fit4Less Black Card to a friend or family member and they can use the gym for free any time they have your card with them...

One other bonus with the Fit4Less Black Card membership is that you can use it in any Fit4Less gym in Canada. That said there are not that many in BC where I live, just the one in Langley I go to and another one in Vancouver but I have a feeling that will change over time. Fit4Less also has other locations in Alberta (6), Saskatchewan (1), Ontario(29) and New Brunswick (2). But again most provinces do not have many of location just yet, except for Ontario which has close to 30 gyms. I'm thinking Ontario was their startup province and they are just now branching out to other provinces.

Well anyways I will be working out periodically at Fit4Less here in my hometown of Langley and taking advantage of the tanning since I have my Men's Physique Contest coming up soon in August.