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Road to Popeyes Fall Classic 2017 - 1 Week Out

It's almost crunch time or what we call "Peak Week" when preparing for a fitness contest. This is when it gets even more serious and changes are made to the diet to get dialed in for competition day. Calories and Macros are adjusted almost daily with the end goal of walking on stage as lean as possible while still holding as much full muscle as you can. Carbs, water and salts are often manipulated very carefully to achieve this goal.

At roughly 1 week out from my Popeye's Fall Classic Fitness show where I will be competing in Men's Open Physique and Men's Classic Physique I feel I am right on track and will be the leanest yet the heaviest I have ever been on stage to date. Lord knows I am going to need the extra size and conditioning to be a competitor in the Classic Physique division, let alone keep up with the youngsters in Open Men's Physique.

I am really looking forward to this show and hope to have a ton of fun doing it while getting to know some new folks!


What do I Eat During Contest Prep?

A common question I get when I'm getting close to another Fitness Show I will be going into is: "What do I eat when I am in contest prep?"And usually people want to know what I do specifically during my "Peak Weeks" which for me is two weeks out from the show day. This is when I really have to crack down and trim off all the last bits of fat and use a method called carb depletion to make my body burn fat and drain it of glycogens so come show day I can rapidly refill my glycogens effectively giving me a glycogen boast. This makes me luck fuller and more detailed when I'm up on stage for the show.

In this video I go over what foods and supplements I take during my 2 week "Peak Week" process along with my calories, macros, what exercise I do and how I load my carbs back in prior to contest day.

Here is a list of some of the Isagenix suppliments I take during my Peak Weeks:


Road to Popeye's Fall Classic 2017 - 2 Weeks Out Posing Practice

Today I am officially two weeks out from the Popeye's Fall Classic Bodybuilding Show where I am competing not only in Open Physique but also Open Classic Physique. This means I have some work to do learning how to pose like a Classic Physique competitor. Not an easy job for someone use to doing pretty basic posing in board shorts :)

Thankfully my good friend Warren Kindellan is helping me out figuring out what works and what doesn't work. Over the next two week I will be doing a lot of posing practice!


GetFitOver40 August 2017 Update Video - Future Plans for 2017

In this Update Video for August 2017 I talk about my future plans for this year and leading into next year specifically if there are any shows I plan to compete in? I talk about how this decision is one I make considering my family and other activities we have planned this summer and fall which does greatly affect how I decide what shows I plan to go attend. I also talk about my plans moving forward with what I hope to achieve body composition wise since again I may have to put some more size on to be competitive in future shows. At least size in the right areas...


Get Fit Over 40 Update Video - Victoria Cup - TheFitExpo Anaheim

In this video I talk about a couple upcoming events I will be attending in August of this year. The first event is the Victoria Cup Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, Bikini & Physique Championships and Expo taking place August the 15th 2015. I will be entering the Men's Physique Class but instead of going in the Masters devision, I have decided to compete with the young bucks this time in the Open Division. The reason for this is because I am already qualified for the BC's since I placed 1st place in my last Men's Masters Physique competition back in November of 2014.

My reason for entering the Victoria Cup is mainly for some more experience and to keep myself on track and motivated till the next BC's come around. Hey, you never know, I could even get my BC's qualification for the Open Class but I kind of doubt it since the under 40'ers are in pretty good shape generally!

We are about 2 month out from the Victoria Cup and it would be pretty normal to stat cutting for a competition like this but to be honest I am really well setup right now sitting around 7-8% body fat and only really need to lose 2-3% before the competition which is only around 4-6 pounds. I should have no problem doing this a month out, so my contest prep videos will begin in another month or so...

The next Big August announcement is that I will be attending TheFitExpo in Anaheim California and as it turns out this expo is literally the weekend after my Victoria Cup Physique Competition. This means I will be going to "TheFitExpo Anaheim" August 22nd 2015 in pretty much contest ready condition. What a great time to mingle with other Fitness folks and make some new connections in the industry!

If you are also planning to attend the "TheFitExpo Anaheim" this year then send me a shout out and perhaps we can connect at the show!

I also mention a couple of other things in this video, mainly to do with my nagging chest shoulder injury that has not really stopped me from training but has limited how much I can push myself on certain exercises. I have been doing higher reps and lower weight to work around the muscle strain and I'm getting pretty close to a full recovery. I have noticed a little bit of a strength loss but not so much of a muscle loss which is good.

Keep posted in about a month when I start my series of contest pre videos!