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How To Get Ripped Crazy Shredded Abs

When people talk about a person that is in shape, they pretty much always refer to their abs and how Shredded or Ripped they look. The reality is that a person that doesn't even workout but is fortunate enough to be fairly lean or have a low body fat can have shredded Abs. After all, one of the most important factors in having a Ripped and Shredded Six Pack is being able to see the those abs in the first place. Most of us already have a Six Pack, it's just hidden under too many donuts, muffins and that extra helping or two.

Yes we can develop our Abs by training them with things like Sit-ups, Crunches and other Ab exercises but unless we strip away that layer of fat over top of our Abs, then nobody is going to ever get to see them and the hard work you put into your Abdominal exercises is going to improve your core strength but not your beach body.

Some other factors that can effect what kind of Six Pack Abs you have or don't have are your genetics, they do pay a big roll in all of this. Some people no matter how much they train their Abs will only see very slight improvements in the size and shape of their Ab Muscles. All of us have that one muscle group that simply refuses to grow and for some people that area can be their Abdominals. We also all store fat a little bit differently and if you are one of those people that caries their fat all in the mid section, then you will have to diet down to an extremely low body fat in order to get rid of that last bit of stubborn fat around your waist, and this only worsens as we get older.

Excuses aside and no matter what, training your Abs is good for your core and will also help with back related problems as your Abs help support your mid section greatly so yes we all should and need to exercise them!

In my included YouTube video I talk about a lot of the same Ab related info outlined in this written article but I also show you the exercises I use to get my Ripped, Shredded Six Pack Abs:


Home Workout - Chest, Triceps and Abs with Polar Flow Summary

Follow me along in this video where I do an at home workout focussing on Chest, Triceps and Abs. I use a combination of exercises that incorporate free weights, smith machine, pulleys, my Total Gym and body weight.

As I do with all my workouts now-a-days, I track my heart rate using my Polar Loop paired to a Polar H7 (with smart Bluetooth) heart rate monitor so I can track my calories burned during my workouts. I show you a graph of this workout at the end of the video so you can see my total workout time, peek heart rate, average heart rate and calories burned for the workout.

I also talk a bit about a gaol I have which is to potentially compete in a mens over 40 physique fitness competition at the end of this year, I will have to see about this but without goals you are only limiting yourself!



Home CrossFit Style Workout for Chest - Back - Arms - Abs

It's been a while since I did an at-home workout video! Most weeks I workout 5 days at my CrossFit Gym since it's close to home and my membership lets me go as much as I like, so I may as well get my moneys worth and get some extra motivation in a supportive group situation.

This week my schedule just didn't work with the CrossFit times so today I decided to do my workout at home and take this opportunity to record it for you all.

I only really had a half an hour or so, so to maximize my workout I did my usual high intensity CrossFit Style no rest multi exercise workout and in this program I worked my Chest, Back, Arms and Abs.

This high intensity workout consisted of 10 complete rounds, each round I did 6 reps of each of the following exercises:

  • 6 Pull-ups x 10 rounds (total of 60 reps)
  • 6 Push-ups x 10 rounds (total of 60 reps)
  • 6 Sit-ups x 10 rounds (total of 60 reps)
  • 6 thirty pound Dumbbell Curls x 10 rounds (total of 60 reps)
  • 6 Olympic Ring Dips x 10 rounds (total of 60 reps)

The entire workout took me about 17-18 minutes and it got really hard to complete some the exercises near the very end which is pretty much what you want to achieve if you want to push yourself.


Workout Journal - Squats - 255 Pounds for Three Reps

Today at CrossFit we did Squats, and I'm talking about the behind the head type sometimes referred to as Back Squats. I worked my way up to  three reps at 255 pounds, previous to that I got 5 reps in at 245 pounds.

It was a great workout and me knee felt pretty good even after the heavy squats, that was till we did some skipping and I know this sounds crazy but skipping just killed my knee which seems to get irritated when I do slight bending motions. We did a Workout of the Day that consisted of Double Unders and Sit-ups working down from 50 to 40 to 30 to 20 to 10 reps. My Double Unders really suck (I tried) so I had to do three times the amount of Single Unders making my skipping sets higher in reps: 150-120-90-60-30.

After the workout the family went for a walk (dog included), and by the time I got home my knee was done :(

I think the skipping is going to have to be side lined for a while...

Video samples taken from (


Chest & Back Workout with no Resting - 18 Sets in 23 Minutes

Today's workout YouTube Video is a more focused Chest and Back workout with a bit of Abs thrown in. As is pretty normal with my workouts these days, I keep moving and don't really rest much except to just catch my breath or change some weights if need be.

I do a total of three different exercises per muscle group with three sets for each, so a total of 18 sets in all and I get through them pretty quick so I am hitting my cardio at the same time and I'm done in under 25 minutes. That's time management for you ;)

In this workout video I mention some of the workout music I use for my workouts because for me it makes a huge difference in my energy. I really get motivated when I have some pumping workout music blasting in my headphones. My mix sets of choice lately are from Steady130 where you can download lots of great workout sets for free.