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I'm Giving Martial Arts Another Try :)

Here is a video Darren Clark from CMA Martial Arts (AKA CrossFit Langley) uploaded. It showcases some of the boys doing strength training and martial arts, what a combo! You get Body, Mind and being Kick Ass combined!

I have been wanting to get back into martial arts for some time but had some concerns about getting injured.Darren takes a very safe approach to his training avoiding a typical high risk injury situations and focussing on standup striking and kicking skills along with ground work submissions, chokes and positioning.

So far I have done three days of training with Darren and have truly enjoyed all of it. If you are in the Langley BC area, come on down and see what kind of program Darren can set you up with!


Gabriel's Taekwondo Green Belt Testing at CMA Martial Arts

My son Gabriel had another Taekwondo belt testing at CMA Martial Arts (CrossFit Langley). This time he was up for his Green Belt, so far Gabriel has received his, white, yellow, orange, camo and now green belt. Gabriel has been training in Taekwondo under Master Darren Clark for about 10 months now and has done really well, I am super proud of him!

Gabriel is very athletic, not just in Taekwondo but he also does well in pretty much any sport he puts his mind to. If anything we have to hold him back sometimes ;)


My Son's Taekwondo Camo Belt Testing at CMA Martial Arts

My Son Gabriel has been taking Taekwondo over at CMA Martial Arts in Langley which is actually the same gym where I do my CrossFit workouts. Gabriel was being tested today for his "Camo Belt" and did really well. I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark ally ;)

CMA Martial Arts - CrossFit Langley
#106 – 22575 Fraser Hwy
Langley    604.800.3318


Kids Taekwondo Martial Arts Class at CMA Martial Arts

I mentioned a few videos back that my kids where taking some Martial Arts classes over at my CrossFit Gym. Our CrossFit coach Darren is an instructor in Taekwondo and has taught kids for years. He recently relaunched a Martial Arts class for kids based on Taekwondo but with other aspects of Martial Arts mixed in.

In this video I show you one of the classes being taught by Darren, it was a rather hot summer day so the traditional Martial Arts attire was not being worn and the class was a bit more laid back then most others. Darren can be firm at times but also realizes they are kids and not every day is as productive as the rest due to varying concentration levels.

Gabriel (7), my son is part of the Black-Belt club which means he get's to wear a black uniform and trains three days per week with some one-on-one training mixed in. Gabriel is really excited to be training with Darren.

Jordan (9), my Daughter is a bit on the fence as to continuing on which is a bit of a shame since she has the flexibility and athleticism to do really well in Taekwondo but I do not want to force this on her and she is rather strong willed.

CMA Martial Arts - CrossFit Langley
#106 – 22575 Fraser Hwy
Langley    604.800.3318