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Workout Journal - Push Press - 205 Pounds for 1 Rep

A small gain today in my Push Press max single rep, up from 195 to 205 since I last went for it. I'll take the 10 pounds especially considering my legs where gone today (from yesterday insane CrossFit Langley squat workout), push press really realies very heavily on a snappy drive from the legs which I did not have once I got over the 200 pound mark.

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Workout Journal - Push Press - 195 Pounds for 1 Rep

So far I have not posted a Personal Best for Push Press, push press is basically a military or shoulder press combined with a bit of push from the legs (slight bend of the knee and then quick push) this helps get the momentum started but you still have to use a lot of shoulder and triceps to carry the weight all the way up to a lock out position at the top. Keep in mind this is not a Push Jerk or Push Snatch where you lock out your arms and then use your legs to move the weight into a full standing locked out position.

Today in my CrossFit Class we focussed on Push Press as our main strengthening area, I was so close to getting 205 but got stuck about midway, it felt like it was going to keep moving but I just didn't have it today :( Maybe I should have tried 200 pounds even but I guess I got a bit greedy? I did manage to make it up to 195 pounds which is a great weight for me to be at right now, I will attempt 205 next time we do Push Press singles :)

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