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ShakeSphere Spherical Shaker Bottle Review

When you are doing a workout you need to keep yourself hydrated, and sometimes you may want a protein shake afterwards, or even a snack of some sort, perhaps you just want to keep your iPod or iPhone from getting wet? Well if any of this or all of this is appealing to you then checkout the ShakeSphere Spherical Shaker Bottle!

I guess the main thing I need to really emphasis is that the ShakeSphere Spherical Shaker Bottle is designed to not waste that expensive protein powder you add to your shaker, you know the stuff that gets stuck in all the edges and groves of a normal ordinary shaker bottle. Well the ShakeSphere Spherical Shaker Bottle is no ordinary shaker bottle since it has no edges or groves for anything to get stuck in, so no more wasted powders and a lot easier cleanup at the end of the day.

Some other cool features about the ShakeSphere Spherical Shaker Bottle is that it sports a 700ml beverage area which is actually kind of deceiving since it looks smaller than that. The ShakeSphere Spherical Shaker Bottle also has an area to store your pills and your powders. You can even use these additional compartment for all kinds of things...

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Here are a few examples:

I guess at the end of the day, someone had to make a better shaker bottle! And that's exactly what ShakeSphere did, so chuck your old archaic shakers in the trash (Sorry Recycling bin) and get yourself some ShakeSphere Spherical Shaker Bottles, perhaps one for each day of the week in a different color :)

Buy using Discount Code GFO40 to save 10%