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Get Fit Over 40 Update Video - Lost a Few Pounds - PaloVia Wrinkle Laser

I wanted to do another update video, not too much going on but there are a few news worthy topics I wanted to go over with everyone.

Some of you may remember I started a weight cut about a month ago and so far everything is going really well. At the beginning I was right around 200 pounds from my bulk and wanted to cut down to 190 pounds over about a 2 month period, which is a very realistic expectation of 5 pounds per month or just over 1 pound per week. So far I am down about 6 pounds and really the only thing I have changed is how many calories I'm eating, some days I cut 1000 calories from my base diet and some days I cut a bit less. I have not changed my ratio of proteins, fats or carbs one bit and I have not changed how I workout, still no traditional cardio and I am still lifting heavy weights just like  I did when I was bulking. Sure the energy is a bit down but I can work through it!

In terms of losing muscle, I am happy to say I feel have not lost any and perhaps have even put on a pound or so since I feel my strength is on par with perhaps a few extra reps here and there. Check-out my Lose Fat and Gain Muscle - Back to the Basics video on how I am doing this.

I do make quick mention of my two weeks so far of testing my NeriumAD Face Cream. Two weeks is not a lot of time to really see results but I will post an update when I have completed a full month of use.

The other main update I talk about is my acquisition of a PaloVia Skin Renewing Laser which is the first FDA-cleared, at-home laser clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Unfortunately this products has been discontinued "for business reasons" by the company that created it but I did manage to find one in good working condition. I am going to most likely do some dedicated reviews on this product and I am hoping it will help with my wrinkles under the eyes :(


NeriumAD Age Defying Treatment at 2 Weeks - How to look Younger and Better

I was hoping to do weekly updates but to be honest one weeks use of a skin care product is really not going to show very much, even two weeks is asking a lot! It has now been two weeks since I started using the NeriumAD Age Defying Treatment and so far so good, no rashes or itching or an extra nose growing out of my face...

It's hard to really say if I can see a difference at this point but perhaps the fine lines under my eyes have diminished a bit, or I should say look a bit softer?

To be fair, a full month of use should be the milestone to really base the effectiveness of my NeriumAD Night and day cream, so stay tuned...


NeriumAD Age Defying Treatment Initial Thoughts - How to look Younger and Better

I am going to be making a new category here on the Website and also a new Playlist over on my YouTube Channel specifically for stuff that is not so much related to fitness and health but rather aging and looking better. I am going to call it "How to look Younger and Better". I will be covering things that would be in areas like: Anti-Aging, Hair, Skin, Tips & Trick, pretty much anything that I would like to pass on to help others look as good as they can. Of course this will be coming from a guys perspective but there is a crossover for both guys and girls with some of the topics.

First off, I am reviewing a new Anti-Aging skin cream called NeriumAD from a company called Nerium International, this fairly new skin care product line has shown to produce very drastic improvements in skin quality by using an extract called NAE-8 derived from the Nerium Oleander Plant. The Nerium International website has some very impressive before and after photos showing some great results.

Overall at 45 years of age I am happy with my skin health but I do find under my eyes to be a problem spot for me, and this area makes me look tired and older than I feel, especially in the mornings as I suffer from under eye puffiness. I'm hoping that NeriumAD will help smooth this area out so that it matches the rest of my face, and the age that I feel.

During my research I came across a Television report conducted by CBS Los Angeles where they went into the report rather apprehensively. After CBS Los Angeles had two of their own people try the NeriumAD product for themselves, the two individuals wanted to keep using it and even start promoting it on their own since NeriumAD does have a "Multi-level" marketing system in place.

Yes I know what many of you are already thinking, it's "multi-level" stay as far away as possible! Personally, I don't care how a company decides to market their products, if it works then that's all that matters. I have been using Shaklee products for over 20 years and love the stuff and yes they too are multi-level!

Right now I don't know if NeriumAD Age Defying Treatment actually does what it claims but I am going to find out. I will be taking pictures every week for the first month and if all goes well will continue on with NeriumAD and take photos every month for a total of three months to see what the final results will be.

I may even become an independent distributer if I like NeriumAD and see positive results for myself? So stay posted as Nerium International is rolling out the Canadian program by starting with BC and Ontario first, launching April 21st 2014. I've signed up for the pre-launch for now since that is all I can do. If you are in BC or Ontario and want to sign-up for the Nerium Canada pre-launch you can do so by clicking on this link :)

Watch my YouTube Preview Video of with my initial thought on NiriumAD: