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Lunatik Epik Polycarbonate Apple Watch Case and Strap Review

This is not going to be a super in depth review, after all the Lunatik Epik Polycarbonate Apple Watch Case and Strap is a pretty basic product after all and at the end of the day if it does a good job of protecting my Apple Watch, Looks and fits good and holds up over time then what more can you ask for? That said, the Lunatik Epik Polycarbonate Apple Watch Case and Strap gets a clean check mark in all categories so I guess this review is pretty much done ;)

So really quickly, let's go over some of the stuff I like about the Lunatik Epik Polycarbonate Apple Watch Case and Strap... 

  • I like the way the Lunatik Epik looks and how it gives my Apple Watch a more utilitarian rugged look.
  • I like the quality of the Polycarbonate material used, they are holding up well and seem to be somewhat scratch and ding resistant.
  • I like that the Polycarbonate material is light weight so my Apple Watch does not feel intrusive or heavy on my wrist.
  • All of the mechanical aspects of my Apple Watch work perfectly including the digital crown, side button and speaker clarity.
  • The Lunatik Epik strap is easy to put on and is made of a comfortable material. 

A couple of things I am not fond of with the Lunatik Epik Polycarbonate Apple Watch Case and Strap.

  • The strap hold down does sometimes come lose which does not allow the watch to come off but will free the end of the strap to flail around which can get annoying, it is simple to place the end of the strap back in its clip so not a big deal.
  • Getting your Apple Watch in and out of the Lunatik Epik is a bit of a chore so if you plan on changing back to your Apple Watch straps at any point you will have to go through this process each time. For me this is not an issue since I keep my Apple Watch in the Lunatik Epik Apple Watch Case all the time.
  • Lastly, I was not impressed with Lunatik's support, I initially reached out to them to let them know that I was planning on doing a review and sent emails to several of their key contact emails and did not get a single response back from Lunatik. I was not asking for any freebies or implying that I expected compensation, just a simple courtesy email. 

For anyone who is using their Apple Watch during high levels of activity and would like to have additional protection for their Apple Watch while still looking fashionable, I would have to say the Lunatik Epik line of Apple Watch Cases is a great option. Lunatik also sells the Epik in an Aluminum version and also a fully waterproof version called the H2O.