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Healthy Bastards Dietary Supplements - Green Coffee - Joint Formula - Testosterone Booster

I recently received some Dietary Supplements from a company called Healthy Bastards, they reached out to me and offered some samples to try out and review and I thought to myself... with a name like Healthy Bastards, I have to try their stuff out :)

It took a while to get my samples since Healthy Bastards tried sending my samples to Canada from the US a couple of times but each time our Canada Customs felt they needed to intervene for the safety of our national security and reject these Dietary Supplements at the border.

So we went with plan B which was having the products sent to a US receiving address I have setup just across the border and funny enough, driving my samples across is OK but mailing them risks some threat to our way of Canadian life as we know it.

So long story short, I got my Healthy Bastards product now and it's time to try them out. Here are the sample I chose:

My wife and I are going to share the Green Coffee and Joint Formula which will last us about 2 weeks and give us a chance to see how they work. For obvious reasons I will be trying out the Testosterone Booster but will be waiting about 2 weeks before I start taking it since I am in the middle of a weight cut and I'm also going to be away for a bit and probably not able to train much.

So stay posted for my reviews and feedback for my test samples of Healthy Bastards Dietary Supplements: Green Coffee - Joint Formula - Testosterone Booster: