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7.5 Weeks Out to the Vancouver Pro Am Update Video with Posing

Just over 7 weeks to go till the Vancouver Pro Am and I feel I am right on track to be in my best ever shape, bigger and leaner than ever to put my best foot forward at a chance for an IFFB Pro Card.

I know the competition is going to be super tuff but will they be ready for me :) I have two shots at a Pro Card, one in Open Classic Physique and one in Open Physique. I will also compete in Masters Over 40 Physique but there is no IFBB Pro Card offered in that class. Just a placing and bragging rights!

Currently I am right around 213 pounds and according to my Skulpt Aim Body Composition Scanner I am down another point to 7.7% body fat, that's 2 points in a month with about 2 month to go should get me under 5% and hopefully close to 4% body fat. I hope to hit the stage at right around 205-210 pounds which will be an increase in size from my last show (Popeye's Fall Classic) of at least 10 pounds, 15 if I can keep gaining some muscle on the way down.

Make sure to watch my video till the end to catch some more posing, the lighting is super natty so keep that in mind. It's not that flattering but you will get an idea on how things are looking.


9 Weeks Out to the Vancouver Pro Am Update Video with Posing

9 Weeks Out to the Vancouver Pro Am! It seems like such a long time but before I know it the show is happening and either I'm ready or I'm not. No excuses. This was the biggest bulk I have ever done to date, I got up to 217 pounds at my highest and right now I am sitting around 212 which by the way is exactly the weight I can be up to for my height class of 6 feet in the Classic Physique Open division.

I for sure have some fat to strip off but I also know this far out I can still grow into the show and add more muscle, maybe as much as 5 pounds more since my training load increases and my food gets dialed in.

I know I have at least 10 pounds of fat to be gone but add in another 5 pounds or so of muscle and that will put me somewhere between 205 and 210. Even 205 will be heavier than my last Classic Physique show about 6 months ago at Popeye's Fall Classic. That's a win in my books as long as the conditioning is on point.

Watch till the end of the video as I have some posing followed by some comparison photos of me a month before when I turned 49 and just before I left on vacation.

I also show off a new product called the Pocket Monkii which essentially is a super portable TRX system that you can literally put in your pocket! Make sure to checkout their Kickstarter page if you're interested in a really great compact and portable workout system.


Back from Oceanside California Holiday Update Video

Well I'm back from holidays, the family and I had a great time vacationing in sunny California where we stayed at the WorldMark Resort over at Oceanside. The best part for me was I just ate what I wanted to and took a break from everything training related for the most part.

I actually ended up losing about 5 pounds but I am sure some of it was water, some was glycogens and perhaps a little bit of fat since I was not stuffing my face with food like I was while on my bulk leading up to this vacation. Right now I am back up to around 213 even though I started a slight calorie deficit this week, most likely added glycogens from my workouts and some water getting back into my system.

When I got back I did a full body Sculpt Aim Body composition scan on myself and was surprised to see that I was under 10% even after the long bulk and holiday I snuck in at 9.8% body fat and a 99.3 Muscle Quality.

I am about 11.5 weeks out for the Vancouver Pro Am, sorry no posing just yet, really not much has changed since my birthday posing video as I was away for a week and a half on holiday and only recently started training again. Once I feel I have made at least a bit of a body composition change I will make a quick posing video for everyone.

The next 11 weeks or so it's go time, nothing but hard trying and structured eating. My plan is to scrub a little bit of fat till I get down to a percentage I'm more comfortable with but that still lets me to train hard and then the last month I will start cutting hard again. I hope to step on stage right around 205 to 210 at around 5% body fat or lower if I can add some more muscle over my last show which was the 2017 Popeye's Fall Classic where I competed in Classic Physique and Open Men's Physique.