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Tristar Copper Wear Compression Products Review

First off I wanted to thank Tristar Products who reached out to me with their line of Copper Wear Products so I could collaborate with them on this video.

*If you are interested in purchasing Copper Wear products, make sure to use Promo Code (copperwear2) when checking out to save 10% on your order! You can order using the following link:

What is Copper Wear?

Essentially Copper Wear Compression Products are a line of Compression Wear with Copper Strands imbedded into the spandex fabric, Copper has shown to have some healing attributes, this combined with the benefit that Compression Wear has to aid in muscle and joint recovery in theory will give you quicker results than just Compression Wear on its own.

Copper Wear can be worn while training and/or after training, you can even wear Copper Wear while you sleep.

Some Copper Wear Specifications: 

  • 88% copper embedded nylon / 12 Spandex.
  • Lightweight 36-gauge fabric.
  • High performance compression sportswear.
  • Fast wicking power.
  • Odor Resistant.

Copper Wear versus other Brands:

Lab testing shows original Copper Wear has over 30% more copper than leading competitors' products. It is the only copper embedded nylon Compression Wear scientifically engineered with 88% copper nylon performance fabric that allows for deeper copper penetration and starts working the moment you put it on. Other "so-called" copper garments chemically treat their fabrics with small amounts of copper that wash out over time. Copper Wear's 88% copper content is embedded right into the fabric!

To sum up my experience testing out Tristar Copper Wear Compression Products, I found their products to be beneficial in my recovery time. I have knee issues mainly and when I wore Copper Wear Compression Knee Sleeves after Weight Training and Martial Arts, I was good to go by the next day! Often after harsh workouts my knees are sore for 3-4 days which makes follow up leg training difficult.

I noticed a cooling effect when I wore the Tristar Copper Wear Compression Products, perhaps from the high percentage of copper in them? Keeping inflamed areas cool combined with the pressure of compression wear will reduce swelling and speed up healing time for sure so I can see how the Tristar Copper Wear Compression Products work.

One slight drawback I found was that my Copper Wear Knee Sleeves would slip down towards my knees over time especially when I was moving around a lot. I do have very narrow knees and wider quads from weight training so the tapper effect will naturally want to migrate the Copper Wear Knee Sleeves to the narrowest area. There is not too much that can be done for this, even with the rubber band on the top of the Copper Wear Knee Sleeves it is not enough to hold them in place indefinitely.

I also tested out other products from Copper Wear: Their Elbow Sleeves, Open Finger Gloves, and Short Sleeve Shirt and was very satisfied with all of them. I did receive a pair of Copper Wear Shorts but have not yet tested them, they should be useful for any hip or glut pain I may encounter!

*If you are interested in purchasing Copper Wear products, make sure to use Promo Code (copperwear2) when checking out to save 10% on your order! You can order using the following link: