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Road to the Canadian Nationals - 12 Days Out - Goals and Expectations

This will be my last week of regular high intensity full workouts which is always hard at this point since I have started my heavy food and carb cut. As I progress through this week I will start to feel weaker and weaker as I get more and more depleted. My calorie cut is close to a 2000 calorie deficit per day at least for the first while till I drop a lot of the last bits of stubborn fat and water, and deplete my muscle of glycogen.

But that's not what this video is about. Like my BC Championships series I wanted to make a video where I talk about my goals and expectations for how I hope to do at the CBBF Canadian Nationals. I am presented with a huge opportunity since there will be IFBB Pro Cards being offered to the overall winners for each category and that also includes Men's Masters Physique. What this means is that if I win first place in my Men's Masters Physique tall division, I will then be compared on stage with the other Men's Masters Physique height divisions and the overall winner will get their IFBB Pro Card. I am also entered in Men's Open Physique and will have this similar opportunity but I am expecting the Open division to be even more competitive so my best chances for an IFBB Pro Card should most likely be in Men's Masters Physique.

IFBB Pro Card aside I am really hoping to place first in my Men's Masters Physique division and top 5 in the Open division at the Canadian Nationals so I can stand up on stage with all those young bucks and show them us old coots still got it. I do not expect anything but I have high hopes and I know going into this that the competition will be amazing so if I do achieve my goal it will be that much more rewarding.

In terms of how my progress has been going between the BC Championships and up until now... I feel I have added a little more size while still remaining lean and should not have any problem getting back to stage shredded condition for contest day. I will also have some improved posing, a few little corrections that will make me look even fuller and more balanced on stage.


Vancouver Pro Am - BC Championships - Contest Photos

I got my Vancouver Pro Am - BC Championships Contest photos from Dave Ford Photography so I thought I would share some of them with you in a 4K YouTube Video... Enjoy!


Vancouver Pro Am - BC Championships - Mens Physique Awards

Here is the final chapter in my last Men's Physique Fitness Contest where I competed at the Vancouver Pro Am - BC Championships in both Men's Physique Masters and Men's Physique Open "D" Division which is the tall class. As I have already mentioned in previous posts, I placed 1st in my age category which is Masters 40+. I am 47 after all so I have earned this right :) I also qualified at my last Victoria Cup Competition to enter in the Open division with the younger folk and low and behold I got a second place finish this time around and I have to say that all the competitor in both Masters and Open where in great shape and made it that much more special placing where I did since it was no cake walk.

All of this basically means I am moving onward to the Canadian National competition held on August 13 2016 in New Westminster BC. That's not a long time to get ready but since I am kind of already somewhat ready and will be experiencing a rebound effect from my recent cut, I hope to put on a couple more pounds for my next show, this is going to take some serious hard work but I may never get another opportunity like this again so I will rise to the challenge and prevail :)


Vancouver Pro Am - BC Championships - Mens Physique Prejudging

I think most everyone now knows where I placed in the Vancouver Pro Am - BC Championships - Men's Physique Masters and Open classes. Well now you can watch the competition prejudging video and decide for yourself how you think I did. Everyone on stage looked awesome out there so in honor to all the competitors and their hard work, I decided to include all of the show footage my wife took so if they happen to stumble on this video, they will get to see themselves in action even if only for some of it.

I will follow-up this video very shortly with the Awards portion for Men's Physique Masters and Open Divisions so make sure to check back.


Vancouver Pro Am - BC Championships - Competition Day

I will have full Vancouver Pro Am - BC Championships Contest video for everyone coming very soon but for now I did take some Competition Day footage using my iPhone in "Video Log" style and I kind of take you through the day with me including some pre-contest thoughts, back stage video, what I snacked on to carb up, lunch at the Steamworks Pub, a little GSP (Georges St Pierre) and my after competiton thoughts. Enjoy the video and stay posted for my Prejudging and Awards contest video shot in pretty decent quality by my wife Nicole using my Sony RX100 Mark 4 camera.