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Road to Canadian Nationals 6 Weeks Out Update Video

In terms of my current condition I have to say all is going well, around 7 weeks ago I started out my contest prep for the CBBF Canadian Nationals where I am competing in Men's Masters Physique hoping to keep my 1st place title in tall division and perhaps even get my IFBB Pro Card this year?

So far contest pre has consisted of trying to maintain weight while putting on muscle and losing fat, as expected form previous contest preps that is exactly what has happened so far, I was 195 pounds seven weeks ago and I am still 195 pounds today, except I am stronger and leaner so it's pretty obvious that I am carrying more muscle and less fat then when I began.

With 6 weeks to go I still have another 2 weeks where I can make some more gains in the muscle department, I do plan on changing my calorie form a maintenance program to a very slight deficit of 500 per day which should help me lose about a pound per week, this is very conservative as I do not need to lose a lot more fat and should allow me to still perform at 100% in the gym. Once I get down to my last 4 weeks I will reassess my condition and see what I need to do and if I need to drop more calories or not.

I recently decided that I will be entering in the Muscle Insider Muscle Model Search which is being held at this years Vancouver Pro Am BC Championships in early June. I figure I will be 3 weeks out for this event and should be in pretty decent condition so why not, I could even win $1000 and get featured in the Muscle Insider Magazine! Let's hope they're looking for an older esthetic looking guy :) Well that's it for now, feeling good and looking forward to competing soon!


Road to Canadian Nationals 2017 - What Are My Goals?

A year later and another go at the Canadian Nationals competing in Men's Masters Physique. So why do it again since last year I got 1st place in my tall division? Well last year I did not win the overall category which is where the winner of each height category go head to head to see who the overall class winner is in Men's Masters Physique.

Last year it was a close one but long story short I didn't win the overalls. This year my goal is to take first in Men's tall again and then go after the overall win which would award me with the elusive IFBB Pro Card! What's so good about an IFBB Pro Card? It really would be more of an achievement thing then something that would be of practical use for me since an IFBB Pro Card would allow me to compete with other IFBB Professions throughout North America. Keep in mind this is an Open category so I would be competing against all ages, young and old like me :)

After last year going head to head with the young bucks in the Open category at the Nationals, I realised that I am just too small to be competitive since that is the way the class is going at least for now. Either way I would still be totally honored to win an IFBB Pro Card and may even compete in an IFBB Pro show or two to show those young bucks that us older fellows still got it!


2016 CBBF Canadian Nationals - Men's Masters Contest Photos

It took a while for me to get my official professional 2016 CBBF Canadian Nationals Contest photos this time but I finally got them :) I'm still waiting for my DVD Video that I paid for from both the 2016 Vancouver Pro Am and of course my recent Canadian Nationals but at least I can now share with you some high quality stage shots.

I did find it very interesting looking at the photos from the Men's Masters Top 3 Overall which I was a part of, when you are up on stage you can only guess how you look compared to the other competitors. Seeing if from the perspective of the camera lens I kind of feel like perhaps I had the Overall but in the end I did not win nor did I get the IFBB Pro Card that went with it. It was not meant to be this time around, I will try again another day. Congratulations to the winner, I am sure he is overjoyed and was well deserving.

Down the road I may share some of my photos from the Open Division where I went up against some absolute giants of men, some of them looked like full on body builders in board shorts! I ended up placing 10th in a group of around 20 or so competitors, not bad for a 47 year old a this extremely high level of competition.


2 Week Reverse Transformation Video 5% to 8% Body Fat

When most people make a transformation video their after photo is usually better than their before video, showing improved fat lose and muscle gains... Well this video shows it from the other direction, going from super fit to fat, OK, not exactly fat but at least fatter :)

Two weeks ago I competed in the CBBF Canadian Nationals in Men's Masters Physique and placed fist in my tall division. I would have to say I was in the best shape of my life for that show coming in at 6 feet tall, 190 pounds and I would even go so far as to say under 5% body fat. The heaviest and most muscular I have ever been at that low body fat percentage. My lean body mass was around 181 pounds.

Skip ahead 2 weeks after no holds bar eating and some drinking and I am already up to 200 pounds, yes I am carrying a bit more water weight but not 10 pounds of it, I would say a good 3-4 pounds may be added water from not so clean eating but the rest is fat so at least 6-7 pounds of fat gain in 2 week time, this puts me in the 8% body fat range so 3% more then 2 weeks ago. I may have lost a little bit of muscle but not that much and I will get it back quickly as soon as I start training again which happens next week. I am really looking forward to getting on a training and eating program again since I kind of enjoy the discipline as eating what ever I want makes me feel not so good most of the time.

In this video I also show off some of my new Athletes Collective attire. I have already done a review of some of their earlier shirts and tank tops but now Athletes Collective has added some new V-necks and shorts to their collection. I will have a full in-depth review video shortly on the new Athletes Collective products.


Road to the Canadian Nationals - Competition Day

And finally the day we have all been waiting for is here! I started off my Canadian Nationals Men's Physique Competition day with a nice lamb and Sweet Potato breakfast, with a short coffee of course. Lunch would for the most part be candy and rice cakes to get the quick carbs into my system to try and fill out a bit more for pre-judging show time which was around 11am.

Pre-judging went well and I was pretty sure I was going to get a top position in Men's Masters but in Open I only made it in the second call out which meant I was going to be placed between 6-10th. The guys in open where really built and it seemed the judges where looking for beefy guys in the open division, in Master's it did not seem to be as important?

After pre-judging my wife and I went out to Burger Heaven in New Westminster and I had the Hulk burger on lettuce with Yam fries :) I chased it down with a nice cold beer too! On the way home to rest between the pre-judging and evening awards show we stopped in at Dairy Queen to get a dip cone but when I got there I upgraded my order to a banana split. After that there was not going to be a dinner for me since I needed to digest and get the food out of my system so as not to come in looking bloated on stage.

I did not spill over for the Canadian Nationals evening show and came in nice and full and felt I presented myself as good as I could which was good enough to get first place in Men's Masters C (tall) division but not good enough for the overall at least this time around. That elusive IFBB Pro card will have to wait till another contest :(

In Men's Masters Open D (Tall) division I ended up placing 10th in a group of around 20 guys so not bad for an old timer! After the show a bunch of us Masters went to Earls for some eats, I then went over to Boston Pizza for my second evening dinner and pretty much filled myself up till I could not eat any more, it was really way too much!

All in all the Canadian Nationals was a really great show and as usual I met some more awesome people, now it's time to take some time off and get back to a more normal life for a while. I will resume my training shortly...