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Workout Journal - Front Squat Max 215 - CrossFit Baseline Test Time 4:25 

I thought I would start something new today, I will be posting some of my workout achievements when I hit first time or new goals. For one reason, I will be able to look back and see if I have improved and also so I have a reason to keep pushing harder to reach new targets.

Today at my CrossFit Class we did Front Squats which by the way are much harder to do than Back Squats! I was able to pump out a max Front Squat rep of 215 pounds, and I do go all the way down to the ground - meaning my hamstring touches my calf muscle at the bottom.

We also finished the days workout (so after my max front squat set) with a CrossFit Baseline Test which starts out with a 500 meter Row, 40 Air Squats, 30 Sit Ups, 20 Push Ups and 10 Pull Ups. I did my CrossFit Baseline Test in 4 minutes 25 seconds, not bad for an old guy ;) Lots of room for improvement here since my rowing technique really sucks right now and that was a big portion time wise of the test. My future goal will be to get to under 4 minutes!

Heres how some of the movements needed to be performed in order to be considered full reps:

  • Squats – Squat below parallel, hip crease below your knee crease. (I did mine hamstring to calf again for this)
  • Sit Ups – Shoulders must start on the ground, sit up enough to touch the ground in front of you, and return to shoulder ground position.
  • Push Ups – Chest to deck and arms straight on the top.
  • Pull Ups – Chin over bar. Full extension at the bottom.

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