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Dr Plankenstein's 5 Minute Dip Challenge - Get Fit Over 40 Entry

Another YouTube Video Submission Challenge... I had my camera all setup from doing my Barney St Anton Strict Press Challenge so I rested for about half an hour while I setup my makeshift Dip Bars and drank my Tim Horton's single single with a chocolate Dip donut for extra energy.

The challenge was pretty simple. Do as many full motion dips as you can within 5 minutes! Full extension at the top and elbows must hit 90 degrees at the bottom.

I probably should have done my Dr Plankenstein's 5 Minute Dip Challenge on a different day because the overhead press really took a lot out of my triceps but I really wanted to get this video in and it's more about supporting Herbie Sherman and his "HOPE FOR JUSTICE" charity.

I was shooting for 100 reps and I got it, just barely but I'll take it. I think on a day when I was fresh I perhaps could have got another 10 or so but I am happy with my results considering I did this back to back with my Barney St Anton Strict Press Challenge.