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Lifting Heavy Ass Weight in the Gym at Near 49

Some of last weeks heavy lifts. Do I lift heavy weight because I have big muscles or do I have big muscles because I lift heavy weight? I prefer to think I have big muscles because I lift heavy weight meaning I did the work to get like this.

When people say you have a lot of muscle and that's why you can lift so much weight they may not realize they are suggesting that you have some sort of advantage because you are just muscular in nature when this is often not the case. A lot of very hard work most people are not prepared to undergo is involved to take yourself to the highest levels.


Dr Plankenstein's 5 Minute Dip Challenge - Get Fit Over 40 Entry

Another YouTube Video Submission Challenge... I had my camera all setup from doing my Barney St Anton Strict Press Challenge so I rested for about half an hour while I setup my makeshift Dip Bars and drank my Tim Horton's single single with a chocolate Dip donut for extra energy.

The challenge was pretty simple. Do as many full motion dips as you can within 5 minutes! Full extension at the top and elbows must hit 90 degrees at the bottom.

I probably should have done my Dr Plankenstein's 5 Minute Dip Challenge on a different day because the overhead press really took a lot out of my triceps but I really wanted to get this video in and it's more about supporting Herbie Sherman and his "HOPE FOR JUSTICE" charity.

I was shooting for 100 reps and I got it, just barely but I'll take it. I think on a day when I was fresh I perhaps could have got another 10 or so but I am happy with my results considering I did this back to back with my Barney St Anton Strict Press Challenge.