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WorldMark Las Vegas Boulevard Lazy River Lap 360 VR Video

Last week I was in Las Vegas on vacation and we stayed at our usual timeshare hangout, the WorldMark Las Vegas Boulevard. The weather was really great so we made time to spend a couple of afternoon hanging out by the pool and Lazy River. I really enjoy floating around in the Lazy River so I thought I would record a lap around using my Samsung 360 Gear VR Camera and share the experience with everyone :) Enjoy!

*Best viewed using Chrome on the Mac.


Tap & Go Squats at Fit4Less 360 VR Video

My plan when I bought my Samsung Gear 360 VR video camera was to be able to record some of my exercises I do at the gym when I workout. The great thing about a 360 degree VR video camera is that you don't need to worry so much about where you point it since it gets everything and allows the viewer to decide what they want to look at...

During my leg workout at Fit4Less I recorded my "Tap & Go" Back Squats getting up to 3 working sets of 315x5 reps. I had more in me but felt like being a bit conservative since the setup was not my normal one that I like to use when I am at Fitness World.


360 VR Video of BC Place Stadium Middle of Field

I had the pleasure of going to a Vancouver Whitecaps Soccer game today with my son Gabriel and we had a special pass to go onto the BC Place Stadium field after the game for a kind of meet and greet! I brought along my new Samsung 360 Gear 2017 Edition VR Camera so I could share it all with everyone so enjoy! And by the way Vancouver won!