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Full Week of Workout Videos - Monday Legs Accessory Home

42 minutes - 360 Calories - Average Heart Rate 117 - Max Heart Rate 144.
Location: Home Gym

Light first sets instead of doing a warmup

  • Leg Extensions x4 sets (Quads)
  • Leg Curls x4 sets (Hamstrings)
  • Calf Raises x4 sets Using Inspire FT2 Smith Bar (Calves)

Full Week of Workout Videos - Thursday Legs Accessory Home

38 minutes - 347 Calories - Average Heart Rate 121 - Max Heart Rate 145.
Location: Home Gym

Light first sets instead of doing a warmup

  • Leg Extensions x4 sets (Quads)
  • Leg Curls x4 sets (Ham Strings)
  • Calf Raises x4 sets (Calves)

Maintaining Strength After 2 Month Off From Doing Squats and Deadlifts 

As many of you are aware that follow what I do here on, I suffered a really bad calf tear about 2 months while ago while doing a 400 meter sprint and had to shut down some of my leg work in order to take care of the calf tear and let it heal up.

So for the most part to keep my leg gains, I have been doing Leg Extensions, Leg Curls, some Machine Leg Press and DB Straight Leg Deadlifts. For calves, just everyday walking around till it heals :(

I am happy to say that over the last few days I have started incorporating Squats and Deadlifts back into my workouts and feel pretty much as strong as before the calf injury. My last Deadlift workout I even managed 8 reps at 395 pounds even though the last couple reps where real grinders. Today I even PR'd a 3 rep 275 pound Front Squat so perhaps those leg extensions did me some good!

In terms of my calf rehab, my left calf is feeling really good but I do not want to ask too much too quickly so I have just started to reintroduce some calf work by doing single leg body weight calf raises to get my flexibility and range of motion back. So far so good and I'm surprised to find that my injured calf is actually keeping up fairly well with my good one so I am well on my way to a full recovery :)


Lower Body Quick Tips Using Total Gym

I know I have gone on record for saying I didn't think the Total Gym was rally a good leg exercise machine, well at least for me as I have pretty strong legs and find I can max out the Total Gym pretty quick.

Part of the problem was I did not have the right attachments for my Total Gym. Well I recently upgraded my Total Gym to a new XLS version and I got the Pilates kit which includes the Pilates Toe Bar and Leg Pulley Accessory. I also added the Wing Attachment to my new Total Gym which comes in really handy when doing Leg Curls.

With all of the new Total Gym gear I can do a really good leg workout that compliments my free weight leg day nicely! so make sure to watch this Lower Body Quick Tips Using Total Gym YouTube Video and see some of my favorite Total Gym leg exercises!


Daily Workout - Back to Legs in Home Gym

I finally got a Leg workout in! When I get busy and don't have as much time for my workouts, I tend to drop legs. I do this mainly because my legs build muscle very easily and I also get a decent leg workout from all the Elliptical that I do during my warmups... So today I actually did a full-fledged legt workout :)

  • Elliptical Warmup - 12 Minutes.
  • Squats with Smith Machine.
  • Calf Raises with Smith Machine.
  • Leg Extensions with Leg Extension attachment.
  • Leg Curls with Leg Curl attachment.
  • Misc. lower body stretching.

Total workout time: About 1 hour.