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Garage Gym Workout: Squats Lunges and Deadlifts with Darren

I have been training lately with Darren, my Crossfit partner from a few years back. Darren has a nice free weight setup in his garage with a rack, bench, bars, lots of plates and some dumbbells. It's a great setup to do the classic compound movements and it's really awesome to have a partner to push me!

Darren and I are pretty close in strength and fairly close in age, I am 48 and Darren is 54. I have been wanting to show some more training session videos and so now it looks like I will be able to again :)

In this first Garage Gym Training Video we hit legs and do a variety of squats, lunges and even some straight leg deadlifts to finish off.


Lower Body Workout Using Body Weight

This video looks at using just your body weight to do exercises that will tone and build muscle in the lower body areas.

Some of the exercises demonstrated are: Squats, Lunges, Calve Raises, Rear Leg Raises, Side Leg Raises, and Pelvis Raises.

All of these exercises can be done with no exercise equipment at all!