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Flash Sale - Get Fit Over 40 Online Personal Training

That's right, my already excellent value Online Personal Training just got a little bit better. I'm adding an extra week to my 4 week program giving you a total of 5 weeks of Online Training with me! We start things off with a Skype call so we can get to know each other a little bit and also figure out a game plan based on your goals, needs and what's going on in your life right now.

After the Skype call I do weekly check-ins with you where I look at your MyFitnessPal and Total Coaching data to see how everything is going. I will help you figure out how to maximise your diet and exercise to meet your specific goals and in a way that fits into your lifestyle, obvious you must be willing to make some changes or there would be no point in hiring me :)

This Flash Sale Get Fit Over 40 Online Personal Training Offer is only good till Friday April the 5th which also happens to be my 50th birthday! I am also only taking in the first 5 people so don't wait!

We will get you set up right away but I will not be starting any programs until I get back on April 15th from holiday. Contact me here if you are interested...


GetFitOver40 Online Personal Training & Coaching Official Launch

GetFitOver40 Online Personal Training & Coaching

What makes me different than most other Online Personal Trainers? My Focus is clients 40+ since I understand what you are going through and that you have busy lives that require a flexible fitness program. I will not be a drill sergeant but I will work hand in hand with you to keep you encourage and on the right track!

Accountability! We all need a person watching out for us and when you invest in yourself, you will have more of a reason to stick to your fitness program rather than quietly give up!

Goal Setting. We will start off on the right foot with communication to figure out what where you are at now, where you want to get to, what you are prepared to do about it, and how we are going to achieve your Health and Fitness goals.

Full Online Interaction between my clients and myself via the online TotalCoaching web application that also supports iOS and Android devices.sergeant

Interactive Custom Workout Schedules with detailed workouts including Animated 3D Videos along with my own Custom Workout Videos as required.

Workout Schedule Flexibility adjusted as required by you the client, with Completion Notifications and feedback on how you where feeling during that workout and any other info about the workout you may want to share with me.

Full Nutrition Logging that is shared with back and forth so I can track how your nutrition is going and make suggestions to help you reach your goals.

Full Comprehensive Messaging via the Online TotalCoaching Application to make sure you are heard and no communication is misplaced in the wrong email box.

Exclusive Access to Online Personal Trainer Customer only Videos.


  • $119 per month - Pay as you go.
  • Package 1 - $99 per month for a three month package.
  • Package 2 - $89 per month for a 6 month Package.
  • Package 3 - $79 per month for a 1 year package.

Space is limited, so send me an email if you are interested and we will get you started on your Fitness journey!


Announcement - I will be Offering Online Personal Training

I am super excited to announce that I will be offering Online Personal Training! I start off by taking on between 10-20 clients to start with until I can decide what my optimal Trainer to Client ratio is.

What I will be offering:

  • Accountability - I will keep you on track!
  • Maximize the time you have available to get the best results possible!
  • My main focus will be clients 40+ since I know what you are going through and that you have busy lives and require flexible fitness programs.
  • We will start off with preliminary goal setting communication to figure out what your commitment level is and what we need to do to get you to where you want to be in terms of Health and Fitness and types of workouts best suited to you.
  • There will be full interaction between my clients and myself via online web application that also supports iOS and Android devices.
  • You will have access to interactive preset workout schedules with detailed workouts including animated 3D videos along with my own custom workout videos as required.
  • The workout schedule can be adjusted by the client as required and I will also know when a workout is completed, along with how the client felt during that workout and if they have any workout notes they want to share with me.
  • My program will offer full nutritional logging that is shared with the client and myself so I can track how your nutrition is going and make suggestions to help reach your goals.
  • Full comprehensive communication via email and within the online application.

Pricing is yet to be determined but will be in line with other online personal trainer pricing.

Space is limited, so send me an email if you are interested and I will let you know the details as soon as everything is ready to go.