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Full Week of Workout Videos - Saturday Shoulders and Calves Accessory Home

43 minutes - 497 Calories - Average Heart Rate 138 - Max Heart Rate 163.
Location: Home Gym

Light first sets instead of doing a warmup

  • Shoulder Press using Total Gym x2 sets (Shoulders)
  • Shoulder Side Raise using Total Gym x2 sets (Side Delts)
  • Shoulder Rear Raise using Total Gym x2 sets (Rear Delts)
  • Shoulder Front Raise using Total Gym x2 sets (Front Delts)
  • Dumbbell Shrugs x4 sets with 85 lbs per side (Traps)
  • Single Leg Calf Raises x9 sets incremental weight up and down (Calves)
  • Cable Rope Ab Crunches x3 sets (Abs)

Full Week of Workout Videos - Tuesday Shoulders Home Accessory

1:01 minutes - 618 Calories - Average Heart Rate 128 - Max Heart Rate 156.
Location: Home Gym

Warmup & Mobility
  • Rotator cuff work & Stretching
  • Rear cable shoulder raises x3 sets (Rear Delt)
  • Front cable shoulder raises x3 sets (Front Delt)
  • Side cable shoulder raises x3 sets (Side Delt)
  • Rear cable shoulder pull using rope x3 sets (Rear Delt)
  • Shrugs using Smith Machine x4 sets (Traps)
  • Cable Side Bends - 1 long set increasing weight, then a drop set at the end (Obliques - Side Abs)

Build Wide Shoulders - Muscle Target Zones

Another new video series I am starting that will be named "Muscle Target Zones". These fitness videos will focus on individual muscle groups and I would consider them to be more advanced videos, although people doing basic workouts that want to target a weak or problem area can also benefit from these video.

In this first Muscle Target Zones video, I'm featuring Shoulders, for me shoulders have always been an area that I need to do extra work as I do not naturally have broad shoulders. To offset my shoulder deficiencies I make sure to do a few more exercises and a few more sets. In this video I show you some of my favorite shoulder exercises that have helped me to overcome my naturally narrower frame.

Some of the exercises I show in this Muscle Target Zones video are:

  • How to properly warm up your shoulders and prevent and correct shoulder injuries.
  • Shoulder Press using a straight bar and dumbbells.
  • Shoulder Raises or "flies" in the rear, side and forward positions.
  • Upright Rows using a pulley system and also dumbbells.
  • Shoulder Shrugs using dumbbells.

Watch my Targeted Shoulder YouTube Workout Video:


Upper Body Workout Using Body Weight

This video looks at using mainly body weight exercises with a some inexpensive gym equipment that will tone and build muscle in the upper body areas.

Some of the exercises demonstrated are: Pushups, Chin-ups, Pull-ups, Shoulder Press, Shoulder Raises, Bicep Curls, and Triceps Extensions.

Not all of these exercises can be done by only using your body weight, but by adding some inexpensive Dumbbells and a Chin-up bar, all of these exercises can be achieved.