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Diet Versus no Diet Which One is Easier?

In this article/video I'm not going to touch upon whether being on a diet or eating whatever you want to is more healthy for you , I’m pretty sure we all know that eating healthy is going to be better for just about everyone!

Food Selection:

Being on a diet will limit your food options which means you will have to plan out your meals more in terms of what you are going to eat, where you are going to eat it and when you are going to eat. Diet food can often be more pricey since much of it is higher quality and less processed.

Eating whatever you want means you can eat what, where, and whenever you want so I guess in this situation Whatever may be better :)

Hunger versus Overindulging:

When on a diet there are times when you may feel hungry or have the urge to walk to the fridge and grab something to eat that may not be on your diet list or regulated time to eat it. This could simply be a habit that you have formed from not having previous restraint when it comes to eating. I find if you plan out your meals and snacks with the times you are most hungry then you can usually limit the amount of hunger you feel during the day.

On a non-diet, we often eat for the sake of eating, sometime out of boredom or habit, we may not even feel hungry, this can lead to being overfull and bloated which is a very uncomfortable feeling that effects our mood and energy level negatively.

I actually think that a diet versus a non-diet will give you a better overall feeling or contentment when it comes to the balance between feeling hungry or overfull.

Enjoyment of Food:

You may think when not on a diet that because you can eat anything you want, including that donut, the bag of chips or that steak dinner, that your enjoyment of food is going to be that much better! But in reality being on a diet keeps you in more of an open state of mind to truly enjoy your foods since every meal feels like you won the lottery! Over time your body learns to really like the taste of the more nutritious and healthy foods you are giving it. Fatty, salty, starchy foods start to taste way to rich and over processed. I like to incorporate a cheat day into my diet plan where I can eat some of the foods within reason that I have been craving. Boy do cheat day meals taste good!

I am sure you have heard the saying, “too much of a good thing”? This totally applies to food, after a while the easy access to any food you want decreases the enjoyment of that food so whether you are having a simple meal at home or a grand night out fine dinning, your desensitization to food will suppress the enjoyment of it to some degree.

In this department I feel that when I am on a diet I truly enjoy my food much more.

Overall Mood or Mindset:

How you feel as a result from the foods you are eating is a big reason to make better food choices and will also determine how hard or easy being on a diet really is.

Yes being on a diet takes work and determination and there are times when a little bit of hunger between meals can get you on edge, but you will feel better overall for so many reasons:

Your body will have the proper nutrients and vitamins to sustain good overall health so your immune system will be improved meaning less time being sick and feeling down and out of commission.

As you lose weight on your diet your energy level will increase and your bodies hormones will return to a more youthful and healthier state. Many diabetics and people with other illnesses actually find they can either reduce or eliminate some of their medications when they get back down to a healthy body weight.

The simple fact that you made a decision to improve your health through proper diet and you are now seeing positive results will make you feel much better about yourself.

Compare the positive benefits of being on a healthy diet to non-dieting where poor eating can lead to even more added body weight, stomach problems, feeling of lethargy and your bodies natural hormones and systems not functioning as they should. You will not feel good about yourself and your body will not allow you to do many of the things you want to do.

So it may seem that being on a restrictive diet is going to limit your life and yes there are times especially in social situations where it can be challenging. But the truth of the matter is that being on a healthy diet will free your life! Your mood will improve, you will feel more energetic, your body will transform into a better version of yourself, food will become more enjoyable, you will spend less time being sick and if you are on medication for your health you may be able to reduce or even eliminate them. Heck throw some fitness into the equation and it only gets better!


The Most Important Workout Technique You'll Ever Learn

OK this exercise is probably the hardest for most people to really learn how to take advantage of. And unfortunately it's the absolute best thing you can do to get fit and stay healthy. It won't put on a bunch of muscle and it won't improve your cardio. It will however strip away years of weight gain and give you a more youthful appearance!

The parts of your body we are going to work on with this key exercise is primarily your mind and your mouth. That's right, we're talking about eating habits and before you skip this video and keep looking for the miracle answer to getting thinner and in better shape -  this is the answer! As Iv'e said before, there is no magic pill or machine that will instantly transform your body into a greek God or Goddess.

If you still don't believe me then take a look at these facts:

3500 Calories = 1 Pound of Fat

It takes 3500 calories to gain or lose 1 pound of fat. So in other words if you eat 3500 calories more than you body needs in a one week period then you will gain 1 pound of fat on your body. And if you eat 3500 calories less than your body requires in a one week period then you will lose 1 pound of fat on your body.

Let's Take a look at the "Working Out toLose Weight Approach"
In an average fairly intense 1 hour workout you can burn about 500 calories. Lets be optimistic and say that you workout every day of the week! This means that you can burn off 3500 calories per week, or 1 pound of fat per week.

Now let's be realistic, when you workout you usually end up getting hungrier and start to eat a bit more than normal which offsets the workouts meaning you burn off 3500 calories per week but then you eat an additional 3500 calories potentially breaking even. This is still OK because your body is hopefully getting in better shape. More muscle and better cardio (Heart and Lungs).

Now Let's Take a Look at theEating to Lose Weight
Notice I didn't say dieting! I am not on a diet, I just eat better and I'm more aware of what goes into my body. Now there are many different opinions on eating right and what you should and shouldn't do when eating to lose weight. But at the end of the day it all comes down to simple math. Eat more food than your body needs and you gain weight, eat less food then your body needs and you lose weight. Sounds simple right! It is!

Don't get too worried about your metabolism slowing down as a result of starving your body! Your metabolism probably already has slowed down to some degree. Now If the opposite where true, then simply eating more food should supercharge your body into burring tones of calories and resulting in loss of weight. This simply isn't  true. Your body metabolism will adjust based on much you eat but it does not adjust so much that you can not manipulate it by eating more or less.

At the end of the day you need to consume less calories then your body requires, so how can we do this?

I am not going to suggest radical changes to what you are already doing, I'm simply going to suggest some small changes and alternatives that you can make to reduce how many food and beverage calories you take in each day. You can decide which of these suggestions will work best for you, and maybe over time work more of them into your daily eating habits.

Non-foods Can Be the Worst.

Beverages can have tones of calories hidden in them so here are some alternatives:

If you are a big juice drinker, then start cutting your juice with water and try to get it down to a half and half mix. Over time you will find your watered down juice to be more thirst quenching while having way less calories. 1 cup of orange juice has about 120 calories and most people will drink closer to 200 calories of OJ per glass, so if you mix that glass of OJ with water you can reduce your calories by 100 per glass. Times that by say three glasses of OJ per day and you just saved yourself 300 calories per day. This would be equivalent to doing a half hour workout each day! It's up to you, spend 3.5 hours in the gym per week or cut your OJ with water!

If you drink pop, try moving to diet pop, I hated diet pop but they grew on me and now I prefer the diet pop to the sugar based pop. Again try mixing your pop with half diet and half regular until you get used to it. An average can of pop also contains about 200 calories, so if you can move to diet pop and you drink 3 pops per day you just saved yourself 600 calories per day or the equivalent of 7 hours in the gym per week.

If you drink your coffee black, then I have nothing to say to you because coffee has virtually no calories, maybe 5 or so per large cup. Personally I hate coffee black so here's what I do. I used to cut my sugar out but found I was off setting it with more cream. Cream is where most the calories exist in a coffee beverage. You are actually better off to add sugar rather than cream. Try using a table spoon of sugar and one serving of cream instead, or try using milk instead of cream. Personally I like my coffee with cream so I have my coffee with one cream and one sugar. Many people like what is referred to as a double/double. A double/double will have about 150 calories per cup. If you can make it a single/single you just saved 75 calories per cup of coffee, if you drink a lot of coffee then you can reduce your calorie intake by 200-300 calories per day. Again the equivalent  of another 3.5 hours in the gym!

If you like the occasional drink, as do I. You can cut down your calories a couple of different ways. First use Diet pop rather then sugar based ones. Keep in mind that one ounce of alcohol is about 65 calories. If you are a beer drinker then try moving to light beer, they usually save you about 50 calories per bottle. I also mix some water into my drinks which helps keep me more hydrated and less likely to be hung over the next day. It's kind of hard to figure out what you can save per day because some people drink very little and some people drink a lot. You can definitely save several hundred calories per week or day by being a bit more selective.

Probably the best thing you can do is drink water and lots of it. Your body needs it, it has no calories and it also fills up your stomach making you less hungry. If you're not a big water drinker try adding some lemon juice or another type of light favoring to make it a bit more palatable.


Meal Regularity and Meal Size
One of the best things you can do is to try not let yourself get super hungry, when you get really hungry you tend to lose control and eat way to much of all the wrong things. To overcome this you need to eat more often, snack more often, and eat less food per meal. When you overeat you are actually training your stomach that it needs a lot of food, as you begin to eat smaller meals your stomach will feel more content with less food. Try starting off the day with a small breakfast followed by a snack in-between a moderate lunch, and again a snack in-between an average size dinner, ending with a snack before bed. You will find it way easier to be in control of how much and what you eat throughout the day. Your body will also not be getting huge rushes of food that set off insulin spikes leading to more hunger cravings and energy ups and downs. Your metabolism will also be more regulated throughout the day and will generally tend to increase as a result. A good trick is at breakfast,lunch, and dinner, use a smaller plate and then before toy get seconds, give yourself a 15-20 minute rest to give your stomach and brian the time they need to tell each other you are actually full now.

Fast Foods
In todays busy life we almost can't help eating at fast food restaurants and for some of us it is more often than we'd like to admit, myself included. I'm not going to lie to you, I drop into my local McDonald's and Wendy's several times per week. However, this doesn't give me a license to go nuts! I'm not going to say that fast food is healthily but it doesn't have to be high in calories. When I go to McDonald's for lunch I will often have a McDouble Cheeseburger with a side Caesar salad and a Coke Zero. This only ads up to about 600 calories. On the other hand if I had the McDouble with regular fires and a regular Coke my caloric intake would be closer to 1000 calories. The extra calorie for just that one meal is like doing an hour workout! Also try cutting out the cheese or the mayo, both of these on their own add almost 100 calories to your burger, so you could sable 200 calories just by removing cheese and mayo. Get the salad not the fries and if you can don't use all the dressing that came with it, use half. Most of the calories are in the dressing not the salad.

Get diet pop, or even better, get a water. Stay away from the milkshakes and deserts if at all possible. Go with the grilled meat as it's always better then the deep fried stuff. If you like salads then get the meal salad but again try and not use all the dressing. Of course there are always cheat days but make them the acceptation not the norm.

Some Snacking Tips

  • Fruit is always a great choice.
  • Grab a handful of peanuts, they are high in calories but are appetite suppressing so a little goes a long way.
  • If you are having a chocolate craving then have some! But just have some and not all, eat a few bits and leave the rest for another time. When I feel like some chocolate I grab a few squares of dark chocolate and bingo the crazing is gone.
  • You don't need to eat it all! Just because you buy stuff in predetermined sizes it doesn't mean you need to eat it all, have half of the fruit bar, or half of the bag of chips, or half of what ever it is you are having for a snack. It's a snack not a meal.
  • Pickles are virtually calorie free - go nuts!


Some Meal Tips

I can't possibly cover everything about meal eating tips but hopefully the suggestions I present will give you a good idea of what you need to do.

  • Again, don't binge eat or it will be near impossible to have control over what you eat. Making sure to have snacks in-between meals will help with this.
  • Don't grab the largest plate in you house or you will feel like you have to fill it up.
  • Eat more chicken and fish, and less red meat. Red meat has way more fat.
  • Load up on vegetables and salads, and try using soya sauce on your veggies instead of butter, if you do use butter cut it back as much as you can. Again cut back on salad dressings or use the calorie reduced ones.
  • Carbs, we're talking about pastas, Just have some and don't fill your plate with carbs. Switch to healthier more complex carbs like whole wheat  breads and pastas, your body takes way more time to process complex carbs reducing the energy spikes and drops.
  • Try and avoid cream sauces and soups by switching to tomato pasta sauces and clear soups, over time the cream based sauces and soups will actually start to taste way to rich.
  • And do you really need butter and Peanut butter on toast, use better judgement?
  • At restaurants try sharing a meal with your significant other. Share a large salad to start off the meal and share the main meal too, You'' actually save some money and walk away surprisingly full.


I really hope this information helps you, it's not  meant to be the end all be all, just some tips off the top of my head that have made a big difference for me. Even if you start with some of these tips and work your way up to incorporating more of them, you will see changes in how you feel and look.