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How is Your New Year's Fitness Resolution Going?

So it’s been a few weeks since you made that promise to yourself to improve your overall Health and Fitness in some way, maybe eating better or starting to working out or even better, doing both! Unfortunately life gets in the way and bit-by-bit our goals can slip away from us…

Don’t feel too bad if this has happened to you, 8 out of 10 people set a new year's resolution goal this year and for one reason or another will fail to complete it.

OK so you got off to a bit of a rough start, does that mean it’s over and so now you have to wait till next January to start over again? Of course not, January is not some mystical month, if anything January can be one of the worst months to decide to start a Health and Fitness related goal. The gyms are a mess full of people, everyone is putting all this pressure on themselves, we all tend to feel a little down in general coming of off the Christmas and New Years high, and some of us are carrying a little more end of year debt then we like plus we us are feeling the effects of all that yummy seasonal food we consumed over the holidays. Not the best conditions for success!

Let’s take a step back and figure out what may have gone wrong? Perhaps you set your goals too high setting yourself up to fail or maybe too low and haven’t seen any results which led to loss of interest? With most people one missed workout day or cheat meal leads to another and pretty soon they are back to old bad habits.

I want to talk to the people that have not given up on themselves yet, yes things are not going as planned but you are still willing to keep trying. If that’s you and you feel like what you are currently doing is not working then I would like to offer you a system that I feel will give you a fighting chance.

I normally only offer Online Personal Training to my Clients in a more conventional method where they pay me, and I offer weekly instructions on what they need to do to achieve their Health and Fitness Goals. This type of Online Personal Training works but can add up in cost month to month so, what about other options?

I want to offer something a little bit different, that I feel will be more affordable and perhaps even more successful for many people since Nutrition and Diet are key to Fitness related goals, especially when weight loss is the focus.

So rather than making payments each month for my consulting fees, I would instead put my clients on an Isagenix Health and Fitness program that is best suited to their goals and they would pay for the products they use. I know for a fact that Isagenix has helped me a great deal with meeting my own personal Fitness Goals, so I can wholeheartedly recommend Isagenix to others. Isagenix products work at a cellular level to provide your body the nutrition it needs while giving you energy even when on a calorie reduced diet. I know this from personal experience as I am required to put myself in an extreme calorie deficit when I am in contest preparation, yet during this time I still have the energy I need for my workouts when I am using Isagenix products.

I find no matter what, if you want to achieve any goal, you need to put something on the line! Investing a small amount of money along with your dedication of time will set you up better for success than just a promise to yourself.

What I am talking about here is a commitment of anywhere from $200-$400 dollars in Monthly Isagenix products while you reshape your health and Fitness life, keep in mind you are probably already spending most of that money on food and supplements that the Isagenix products will replace, so in reality you may only be spending about $100-$200 more than you already are.

Your commitment to me means I will also return my own commitment back to you by setting you up with a plan that includes the right Isagenix products combined with a basic daily meal and workout plan designed to get you to your goals. I will revisit your plan each month to make sure you are on track and adjust it as required.

The main Isagenix products we will be focusing on our the Isagenix meal replacement shakes in both standard and Pro formulas, Isagenix Protein bars and other snack related Isagenix product for between meals. Isagenix Vitamins and detox system can be added in  if required, and for people looking to put on some muscle there are Isagenix workout enhancement products.

If you’re ready to succeed this time around by changing your Health and Fitness life, and you’re ready to make a small personal and financial commitment to me then let’s get started together right now and do this!

Contact me here if you accept my challenge and want to actually succeed with your Health and Fitness Goals!


What do I Eat During Contest Prep?

A common question I get when I'm getting close to another Fitness Show I will be going into is: "What do I eat when I am in contest prep?"And usually people want to know what I do specifically during my "Peak Weeks" which for me is two weeks out from the show day. This is when I really have to crack down and trim off all the last bits of fat and use a method called carb depletion to make my body burn fat and drain it of glycogens so come show day I can rapidly refill my glycogens effectively giving me a glycogen boast. This makes me luck fuller and more detailed when I'm up on stage for the show.

In this video I go over what foods and supplements I take during my 2 week "Peak Week" process along with my calories, macros, what exercise I do and how I load my carbs back in prior to contest day.

Here is a list of some of the Isagenix suppliments I take during my Peak Weeks:


My Favorite Isagenix Protein Bars

In this Isagenix product review video I go over my Favorite Isagenix Protein Bars, focusing on the ones that I find the best tasting yet still deliver a nice amount of protein with low overall calories.

If you're looking for a ton of protein then checkout the Isagneix Amped Protein Bars, they come in several flavours and are very filling with 28 grams of protein, 29 grams of carbs 13 of which are fiber and only 5 grams of fats. All of this packed into only 230 calories for the entire bar.

A Vegan Dairy-Free, Soya-Free, Gluten-Free option and also super great tasting with their chocolatey coating are the Isagenix IsaLean Dairy Free Protein Bars. With 250 calories they have 19 grams of protein, 29 grams of carbs and 8 grams of fats.


Why most people fail at Health & Fitness and other Endeavors

I was at a “raw raw” Multilevel marketing meeting the other day and something really hit home for me. I’m not even going to mention the name of the business since it does not matter for the purpose of this video as this info is for everyone.

The main guest speakers really focused on what the difference was between people that where successful in “Blank Business” and why so many people are not successful. You may think it comes down to how much a person wants or needs something but this simply is not the case. At the end of the day it comes down to simply who does something about it. We are all guilty of saying to ourselves, I’m going to do this or that, but then we do nothing at all or make a pathetic attempt with zero follow up. And then we claim that it was too hard or it’s just not for me.

This really hit home for me since I see the exact same problems for people who want to get healthier and eat better. They all want to lose weight and get stronger and look better. They all have virtually the exact same resources to get it done. So why do some people achieve their Health and Fitness goals and some people do not?

I can tell you it has nothing to do with their workout program, it has nothing to do with their diet. It has everything to do with following through and with what they decided they where going to do. It’s more than simply making a decision to do something. You need to actually go ahead and create a plan and then follow up with your plan even if it’s just a little something every day. This sounds simple right, so why do so many people fail at this?

I want to include myself in this behavior also, I’m guilty of failing miserably and not following up with decisions I’ve made. Not so much in the health and fitness side of things since over time I have gained a level of confidence and know how to make that side of my life a reality but the area that I struggle with the most is with financial goals. I have had plenty of opportunities to get involved in business ventures and for what ever reason I have not followed through on many of them. I failed because I never really gave it a proper chance. I didn’t create a plan and if I did then I didn’t follow through with the plan. So for me it’s time to do something about it and think or talk a little bit less about it

Here’s what I plan to do. I am creating a group of like minded people Interested in one or more of the following: Health & Fitness, Food & Diet, Healthy Aging and yes, Improving your current financial situation. I am strictly looking for people that want to make real positive changes in their lives. There will be a heavy focus on Isagenix products within this group as I feel Isagenix offers fantastic solutions to all of the pre-mentioned points of interest this group will be offering and the Isagenix business is the financial endeavor that I am focusing on. If you want to be involved in this group and have different business endeavors that’s OK just be sure to respect that this group will be focussing on Isagenix products and do not use this group to promote your business venture. Much of the information will be universal for any business and of course many people in this group will be here for Health and Fitness support, perhaps they are happy with their current financial situations. If you are also interest in Isagenix products to aid in your Health and Fitness and or create a financial income stream then by tapping into this group you will have a support community behind you along with my personal assistance in helping you succeed.

All right, so who wants to join me and actually do something about it? Not just talk about getting in shape or eating better or making more money… If this is you then let me know over on my Facebook Page and I will add you to the Team GetFitOver40 Facebook Group where we are going to be focussing on these topics.


Do Isagenix Products Really Work?

I mentioned a couple of months ago that I was trying out a new supplement product line but at the time I didn't want to go into any detail since it was new to me and I wanted to give it a try first before I could honestly recommend it to anyone. I have been using Isagenix now for at least two months and can now give you my feedback on how it is working for me. Keep in mind I am not an expert on Isagenix products but what I do know is it is working for me better than any other nutritional supplement I have taken in the past especially for muscle recovery and metabolism boosting qualities.

I get into a lot more detail in my YouTube Video Review but the bets way I can describe the Isagenix product line is that of a full solution and not just one solution but multiple solutions for people with varying requirements and needs. So if you simply want to lose weight there is a product line targeted for this need, If you want to stay lean and build muscle while being very active there is a solution for you with Isagenix. If you want to detox or simply have a quick meal option that has everything your body needs then Isagenix has you covered.

There is no need to be a mad scientist trying to figure out when and what to take in terms of supplements and at the end of the day even though the Isagenix product line being very high quality is not the cheapest option out there, it will still probably save you time and money when compared to how most of us eat on the run which is more "Pay-as-you-go" often eating foods that are far from good for you.

As a National Level Fitness competitor I am getting great results using Isagenix products even when I am contest prepping and putting a huge demand on my body, this has really been the ultimate test of Isagenix and it has passed with flying colors.

If you are interested in trying out Isagenix products for yourself then hit me up and I can get you started and recommend an Isagenix solution for you to fit your specific health and fitness needs and goals!