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Fox Force Wrist Wraps Review - GetFitOver40

I was asked by my CrossFit coaches LeeAnn and Darren to tryout some Wrist Wraps they are promoting. Darren and LeeAnn recently started selling their own line of weight lifting products under the name Fox Force located at

LeeAnn and Darren have told me they will be adding more products to their Fox Force line of workout gear including: Wrist Straps, Knee Sleeves and Weight Belts.

Previously I was using a basic Buckle Closure wrist wrap and they did help out when doing push type exercises but the Fox Force Wrist Wraps provide superior support and comfort. They come up higher on the wrist and use a thicker more comfortable material.

One exercise I find they benefit me greatly is when I do Back Squats. I use a low bar position on my back that puts a lot of the load on my arms and wrists, pushing down and back on my arms. Without wrist wraps after a set of squats my wrists are in a noticeable amount of pain but when using the Fox Force Wrist Wraps there is no pain at all after a set of squats.

Of course the Fox Force Wrist Wraps are ideal for any push based exercise movement and are even beneficial for activities like arm curls, power cleans and front squats.

Make sure to order a pair of Fox Force Wrist Wraps using this Amazon link if you're in the market for something like this and be sure to check back when LeeAnn and Darren have added some more products to their lineup. I hope to be doing some more reviews for them in the future...