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2015 Victoria Cup Mens Physique Contest Photos - GetFitOver40

During my Victoria Cup Men's Physique Fitness Contest I had the opportunity to purchase some professional photos taken during the competition. I may be a bit biased but I think they turned out pretty good! For sure worth spending a little money on after all the hard work and time that goes into such an event.

I need proof that I looked like this at least if only for a little while, after all I am 46 years old now!

Below are some photos and also a YouTube Video with many more photos put to music in a side-show:


Men's Physique Awards Show - 2015 Victoria Cup - GetFitOver40

Everything has been leading up to this event, the 2015 Victoria Cup. So many workouts, so many sets, so many reps and so much counting of calories! All to get in the best shape of my life and compete in a fitness contest with other athletes, not only my own age but also much younger.

You may ask yourself why am I doing all of this, what is the payoff? Not so much for any monetary rewards but for the reward of knowing that I stuck to my goals, even when there where temptations all around me - to take that break from a workout or have a drink with some friends, or eat that forbidden food. All for the right to say I did everything I could to be the best version of myself for presentation on that stage no matter what the end results may be.

OK, now that we got all those deep intellectual thoughts out of the way, how did I do? I got first place in Men's Physique Masters, first place in Men's Physique Open Tall and I also snagged the PharmaFreak "Ripped Freak" award for being the most shredded in the show. All in all a really great event and no regrets on my end.



Men's Physique Pre-Judging - 2015 Victoria Cup - GetFitOver40

So here is my video of the Pre-Judging portion of the 2015 Victoria Cup Men's Physique Fitness Contest. There is video coverage of the Master, Open Short and Open Tall Divisions. I competed in the Masters (40+) and Open (All ages) Tall Divisions.

Enjoy the show, I will upload the Awards portion of the 2015 Victoria Cup Men's Physique Fitness Contest shortly...


Competition Day - Victoria Cup VLog - GetFitOver40

The day I have been waiting and working so hard for has come and no matter what I have done all I can do at least for this Victoria Cup Men's Physique Competition. What ever happens now is what is meant to be and out of my hands and in the hands of the judges...

OK, enough of that sentimental stuff, let's get on with how everything played out. Don't forget to watch the video for some back stage video, a bit of in-between and some post contest videos but if you are wanting to see the show video it will be coming shortly when I get a chance to edit the video together. I will be including some photos so you can check those out for now here in the Blog.

So how did I do? Awesome if I say so myself! I got first place in Men's Masters Physique (40+) and 1st place in Men's Open (Open to all ages young and ancient). I also received the PharmaFreak Ripped Freak Award for most ripped in show which for me was a big deal since I pride myself in getting as conditioned as possible.

I actually had a judge mention to me later that I need to be careful not to come in too dry which in other words means too shredded. You can actually be too shredded for Men's Physique! Who would of thought ;)

On a side note, I did pay for professional photos taken at the show and should have some of these posted in a few days and there was also professional video being taken of the show and even back stage so when that becomes available I will let you guys know and if possible post it on my YouTube Channel and GetFitOver40 Website.


1 Days Out - Victoria Cup VLog - Get My Tan On - GetFitOver40

Tomorrow is my big Victoria Cup show day but today was still a lot of fun. We left Langley around 11am today and with the BC Ferry weekend traffic we got bumped to the 2pm ferry. Which to be honest was a bit of a blessing since we where the second to last vehicle to get on the 2pm ferry, and if we had missed it we would have had to wait another hour for the next ferry.

What else did we do... Well we checked into our sweet accommodations at the WorldMark Victoria where we have a 2 bedroom apartment with a full kitchen, huge living room 2 bathrooms and laundry. Our view from the 6th floor is awesome especial as the sun is setting.

After hotel check-in, I put my coat of self spray tan on and then stood up while I dried off and ate some dinner that consisted of chicken breast, veggies, sweet potatoes and rice cakes. We then went to the athletes meeting for check-in and to pick up my bag of goodies supplied by the show sponsors. After we came back home I applied my coat of cream based tan and I have to say I am really happy with the finished results of my do-it-yourself tan :) I guess we'll see tomorrow how I stack up against the other competitors...