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330 Pound Bench Press Personal Best - 46 Years Old at 198 Pounds

Here is the other Personal Best (PR) video I mentioned was on the way, I am still working on my 405 pound squat but I crushed my 315 pound Bench Press goal and even got a little bit more weight on the bar for this PR :)

So two Personal Best goals down (Bench and Deadlift) and one more to go (squat of 405 pounds). Yesterday I did kind of feel out how things where going with my squat and lifted a pretty solid 360 pounds but this is still a bit far off from my goal of 405, mind you I was not feeling it yesterday and may be coming off a bit of a bug since I have not felt 100% the last few days...

Still I am supper happy with hitting two of my long time PR goals and now I can focus on the hitting my Squat to get all three PR's.


Bench Press PR @ 199 Pounds - 205 x 20 Reps

Today at CrossFit Langley, Darren and I set out to perform some higher rep Bench Pressing, basically 205 pounds on the bar times 4 rounds hitting max reps for each set.

I generally don't record higher rep PR's but a while back when I hosted a YouTube Contest with Mark Macqueen where we had to bench our body weight for max reps. At that time I was pretty lean weighing in at 194 pounds so my bar weight ended up being 195 pounds. I managed 18 clean reps for that contest.

Skip ahead to today's morning workout and at 199 pounds body wight with a bar weight of 205 pounds I managed to bench press 20 clean reps. So 10 pounds more on the bar with 2 extra reps. Small gains perhaps but I have been nursing some slight shoulder and chest injuries which have held me back a little bit.

Things are feeling pretty good in general and I even managed to get an additional 19 reps on my second set, 16 reps on my third set and I finished off with 14 reps on my forth set for a total of 69 reps with 205 pounds on the bar.


Bench Press PR @ 197 Pounds - 305 Pounds x 2 Reps

I have a goal for this year to hit 300 pounds in my Bench Press, 400 pounds in my Squat and 500 pounds for a Deadlift, for a 3 lift total of 1200 pounds!

I would like to do this while being under 200 pounds body weight which should not be too difficult since I rarely get up and over 200 pounds.

Well today I hit 305 for 2 reps in my Bench Press at a body weight of 197 pounds, so one out of the three is accomplished :) Yesterday I went for a Deadlift of 502 pounds but perhaps after a bit too much pre-work. I did get it off the ground but was not able to finish it. I am fairly confident that on a different day I should be able to hit 500 pounds in my Deadlift.

The lift I am not so sure about is the 400 pounds Squat, I have done 2 Box Squat reps at 403 but they are a bit easier than a conventional Squat. I will be working to imporve my Squat and I know that if I can get my Squat up, it will only help my Deadlift numbers.


Full Week of Workout Videos - Friday Chest and Triceps Accessory Home

1:16 minutes - 669 Calories - Average Heart Rate 119 - Max Heart Rate 166.
Location: Home Gym

Warmup & Mobility:
  • Rotator cuff work and Stretching
  • Decline standing cable flies x3 sets (Chest)
  • Incline seated cable flies x3 sets (Chest)
  • Flat seated cable flies x3 sets (Chest)
  • Various position pushups x3 sets max reps each (Chest & Triceps)
  • Tricep cable extensions using curl bar x4 sets (Triceps)
  • Tricep cable extensions using rope x4 sets (Triceps)
  • Crunches and leg raises (Abs)

Full Week of Workout Videos - Friday Chest - Bench Press CrossFit

45 minutes - 400 Calories  Aprox- Average Heart Rate ? - Max Heart Rate ?
  • Did not get a recording of my Garmin Heart Rate Monitor Session
Location: CrossFit Langley

Warmup & Mobility

  • Bench Press Warmup - 155 lbs x5 reps (Chest & Triceps)
  • Bench Press Warmup - 185 lbs x3 reps (Chest & Triceps)
  • Bench Press Warmup - 205 lbs x2 reps (Chest & Triceps)
  • Bench Press - 225 lbs x13 reps (Chest & Triceps)
  • Bench Press - 225 lbs x12 reps (Chest & Triceps)
  • Bench Press - 225 lbs x5 reps (Chest & Triceps)
  • Bench Press - 175 lbs x21 reps (Chest & Triceps)
  • Bench Press - 175 lbs x15 reps (Chest & Triceps)