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Family Vacation California - Pool Time

Some more fun at the pool and lazy river while spending our family vacation at the WorldMark Time Share in Indio near Palm Dessert California.

The main actors in this family video are my kids, Jordan (turning 10 this month) and Gabriel (7). They seemed to enjoy being in front of the camera, especially when I was recording in slow motion ;).

This was actually yesterdays footage, today we went to the Living Dessert where I also got some great video I will be sharing with you soon


Family Vacation to California - Part 1 Indio

It was that time again for a family vacation and why not go somewhere warm and kind of close by :) So we decided to go to California and checkout a couple of our WorldMark timeshare locations. The first stop is WorldMark Indio which is near Palm Dessert in California and so far it has been nice and warm, a bit cloudy the first day but nice and sunny so far since we have been here.

The plan for stage one of this family vacation is to rest and take it easy because stage two will be Disneyland for three days and I know that will not be so restful :)


How to Get More Vascular

One aspect of looking fit is having those impressive veins that stand out from your arms and other body parts... So how do you get them? In this YouTube video I talk about the main contributing factors that will help you to get more vascular looking, in many cases you already have the veins but they are just buried under perhaps a bit too much body fat.

Genetics do play a roll as body fat for some people can be stored in other places than the arms, so even if you are a bit overweight, you may still have vascularity in areas like your arms and legs. Skin thickness and vein thickness can also be a genetic attribute which will play a roll  in how noticeable your vascularity is.

If you have a lot of body hair, try simply trimming it! You will be amazed at how the muscle and veins will pop out just by a simple body trim.

I also believe that blood pressure plays a roll, people with low blood pressure will have less inflated veins while people with higher blood pressure will have more swollen veins, and similarly when you workout, your blood pressure increases causing your veins to be much more vascular in appearance.

Food  can effect your vascularity, when I was carb depleted for my recent fitness contest I really noticed my veins flatten out, as soon as I loaded back up on carbs, my vascularity returned. So eat up for bigger fuller veins, and if that doesn't work then try a few shots of something strong to get the blood to your extremities ;) 

So keep the body fat low,body hair trimmed up, carbs in your diet and your gym pump on for that Vascular look.


Garmin VivoSmart Activity Tracker Comparison Review

Here is my Review and comparison of the Garmin VivoSmart. If you're looking for a detailed review with all kinds of specifications and explanations about how every little thing works on the Garmin VivoSmart, then this is not going to be the review for you. Do not fret, there are all kind of Videos and Reviews on the Internets and even on Garmin's website that should satisfy your quest for knowledge!

Before you click away, you may want to watch my YouTube Video on the Garmin VivoSmart as it may go into some areas that many others have not made mention of in their more Geek-like reviews. I kind of have a real hands on knowledge you could say of these devices since I have used many of the most popular Fitness Tracking Bands in my day to day fitness life. Much of this review comparison focuses on other fitness bands like the Jawbone Up, Fitbit Flex and Force, Polar Loop, Garmin VivoFit and even some more watch like devices like the Mio Alpha and the Cookoo Smart Watch.

So what do I actually cover? I talk about how each device tracks total calories as they are all very different in this area. I go over the importance (at least for me) of being able to incorporate a heart rate monitor for the main reason that most of my workouts are not step or running based so most fitness bands do not give me a true caloric output for my weight training and CrossFit workouts. The addition of an HRM (Heart Rate Monitor) is vital to me for tracking my actual calories burned during my workouts. I of course go over most of the features of the Garmin VivoSmart and take you through its basic operation and show you the Garmin Connect iPhone App in use.

Like I said, this should give you a really good idea of what exactly the Garmin VivoSmart does a bit different than many other fitness bands, like incorporating Smartphone and Smartwatch features and how the VivoSmart compares to other similar products you may be interested in.