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PMG Push Up Challenge - Bodyweight Fitness Challenge

I'm always up for a fitness challenge, or should I say one that will not leave me injured afterwards ;) This Max Push-up challenge from PMG (Pure Muscle Gains) is pretty basic and really anyone can do! Now I am not hosting this challenge nor is there really anything to be won other than the satisfaction of seeing how many push-ups one can do and perhaps outperforming a few people along the way...

So make sure to checkout TJ's PMG's channel and his PMG Push Up Challenge - Bodyweight Fitness Challenge video.

So how did I do? Well you are going to need to watch my video entry to find out, but I can say I did a bit better than when I did a similar max Push-ups challenge of 70 reps during the LTRob & QUEST4FIT Push-up, Pull-up and 400 Meeter Run Challenge.


Get Fit Over 40 Mid August 2014 Update Video

In this mid August Update Video I talk about the following topics:

  • Where are all the videos?
  • How is my training going?
  • What are my fitness plans now?
  • What are my plans for the channel?

I also talk about some upcoming videos I have planned:


Deadlift PR of 433 lbs x 5 reps at 195 lbs Body Weight.

Just a quick Deadlift PR Post. I don't go for too many 1 rep PR's these days, just too hard on the old muscles and joints ;) But every once in a while when I am feeling good, I try to rep out a Personal Record.

Last week I actually did this exact same PR when we where doing a 5x5 deadlift day. Today we where doing 5 sets by 3 reps but I wasn't really sure if I wanted to go much over 433 pounds so I decided to throw 433 pounds on the bar and go for another 5 reps to make sure it wasn't just a fluke the first time! Well I got it again and I almost felt like I had another one left in me but there was still a fair amount of back workout left to go so I called it quits...

If you are wondering how heavy Deadlifts effect your heart rate, checkout my Polar Loop and Garmin VivoFit Heart Rate Monitor reports for this workout. You may be surprised, the peak in the middle of the workout is my heavy set of 433 pounds hitting 5 reps!


Unhealthy Eating Habits, Where do they Begin?

This video may be a bit tuff for some people to watch and may give some people feelings of guilt or responsibility. This is not meant to make anyone feel bad about the choices they have made in the past but rather to try and make better choices in the future for themselves and their family.