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Get Fit Over 40 Update Video - What's Next - VivoSmart - iPhone 6 Plus

It's time for another update video... As you know I recently won my Men's Masters Physique class at the Sandra Wickham Fall Classic Fitness show. So what's next? Is it time to retire? To be honest I don't know right now, this win does qualify me to enter the next show in June which is a provincial show, it is a bit soon right now to decide but my plan is to hit the gym and get strong again but not gain too much fat so that if I decide to go for it and take part in the June competition then I will be ready to go. We will just have to see how I feel about it in a few months time.

Next on the what's new list is my acquisition of yet another Fitness Tracker, this new one called the VivoSmart is from Garmin and like the Garmin VivoFit that I already revived, it can link to Heart Rate Monitor for super accurate data on how many calories I am burning during a workout. Of course the Garmin VivoSmart like other fitness bands tracks my daily activates, specifically my basic moving around and walking to keep a really good account of exactly how many calories I burn each day.

The Garmin VivoSmart also adds Smartwatch abilities which for me is awesome since I get a lot of emails and texts so being notified on my wrist and even being able to read them from the band is very useful. I am loving the Smart Watch capabilities on my Garmin VivoSmart, stay tuned for a full review on the Garmin VivoSmart.

Last but not least, I got myself one of those massive iPhone 6 plus tablet phones! Why on earth would I need such a huge phone? Well after a few days of using one it actually becomes kind of normal in size and my old iPhone 5s looks like some sort of kids toy phone in comparison :) The reasons I got the large iPhone 6 plus is because I plan on continuing with my Video Blogs and so editing on the larger screen will be much easier, plus the addition of 128GB of internal drive space will allow me to take a lot of video if need be. My cellular provider just began to offer a much cheaper roaming plan for when I travel to the US and so being able to use my iPhone in the US means having an all the time connected device is another reason to have a larger more usable screen.


Sandra Wickham 2014 Men's Masters Physique Competition 1st Place

I had my wife man or should I saw "woman" the camera while I was on stage for the night awards portion of the Sandra Wickham Men's Masters Physique Competition.

My wife is not really that familiar with my camera setup so we did a bit of a trial run at the morning show and had her setup to shoot video and also take a few photos while the video kept rolling for the evening show. Well somehow the camera got changed over from video mode and ended up in photo mode which is not ideal for taking simultaneous video and photo. You can only take either video or photos when in photo mode but at least I got a bit of both even though not exactly in the video resolution I was hoping for.

None the less I got some usable video and I can't really get made at my wife because I think she was more excited about the whole thing than I as.

So enjoy this rather spliced together video of the Men's Masters Sandra Wickham Physique Competition evening show and me getting the 1st place trophy :)


Total Gym Direct Blog - How To Get a Strong Back

Another feature video over on the Total Gym Direct Blog, this one is your's truly showing some of my favorite back exercises using my new Total Gym Fit.

If you haven't already watched my first Total Gym Direct Blog video where I demonstrate a great Arm workout using the Total Gym then make sure to watch that one also. The great thing is these videos are nice and short and to the point!


Sandra Wickham 2014 Men's Masters Physique Competition Prejudging

Please enjoy this video of the Sandra Wickham 2014 Men's Masters Physique Competition Prejudging portion of the show. I decided not to narrate this video so you could watch it as if you where there in the audience.

I would like to give a big thank you to my very good friend Steve Smith who recorded this important Milestone in my life. Steve is a videographer and is amazing at what he dose so check out his website if you have any Video Recording needs.

I want to wish all the other contestants who shared the stage with me, Health and Success along their fitness journeys. They all put in the time and effort and deserved to be on that stage representing us men in our 40's and beyond.

I know there is some major work for me to do in order to improve my stage presence and overall physique but being that this was my first show I think I did OK :)