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My Son's Taekwondo Camo Belt Testing at CMA Martial Arts

My Son Gabriel has been taking Taekwondo over at CMA Martial Arts in Langley which is actually the same gym where I do my CrossFit workouts. Gabriel was being tested today for his "Camo Belt" and did really well. I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark ally ;)

CMA Martial Arts - CrossFit Langley
#106 – 22575 Fraser Hwy
Langley    604.800.3318


Cutting and Still Staying Strong - It Can Be Done...

So here I am in a 500-700 calorie per day deficit cutting for my November 8th Mens Masters Physique Contest. Over the last week my weight has dropped about 2 pounds and I am now down to right around 188-189 pounds, the lightest I have been in a while! According to the "Fitness Community", I should be losing my gains and getting weaker by the second...

Well say it isn't so! Today weighing in at 188 pounds I got a personal best Bench Press of 285 pounds for 2 reps and this was after some leed up bench work that was not ideal for getting any type of a PR.

Now my cut has been slow, about 9-10 pounds in the last 2 months and as of right now I am feeling pretty good, not too hungry and my energy is solid with only the ocasional valley. I fully expect to hit the wall and feel this cut in the next couple of weeks but so far so good and as long as I can still push it in the gym, I will continue to put as much weight on the bar as I can.


New Strict Press PR of 205 Pounds at Lower Body Weight of 191

A couple weeks back I posted an excited update about my 200 Pound Shoulder Press PR, when I was 193 pounds. Skip ahead two weeks and I ramped my Shoulder Press up by 5 pounds to 205 pounds while dropping 2 pounds of body weight coming in at 191 pounds!

Who says you can't get stronger while cutting? It's not easy but you can make small gains if you keep the intensity up.


Using Proper Technique When Lifting Weights

I see a lot of people, even experienced body builders in the gym using some questionable exercise technique. Hey we all do it from time to time and there can even be a time and a place to use partial range of motion and even some cheated reps. For the most part however, we should really try to practice exercise movements that use full range of motion, without swinging of the body or arms and with full pauses at the top and bottom of the rep.

Like anything in life, we can develop some bad habits so make sure to take a step back and just don't assume you are doing it right. I even suggest using a video camera and record your workouts periodically so you can see how you actually look while working out. It can be an real eye opener for sure but at least it will allow you to make corrections.

Watch my YouTube Video where I demonstrate some "how not's" and some "how to's" for using Proper Technique When Lifting Weights!