Pocket Monkii Super Portable Suspension Trainer Review

This is my second go around with a product from Monkii Bars. A while back they sent me their Monkii Bars 2 which is a suspension trainer system similar to the TRX but made to be ultra portable and compact.

Monkii Bars new "Pocket Monkii" is their latest product and it takes compact and portable to an even new level. You can literally fit the Pocket Monkii in your front pocket! You might wonder if making them so small has in some way detracted from their usefulness and or build quality? Well if anything I think they are even better than the Pocket Monkii 2 system.

I found the Monkii Bars 2 was a little bit time consuming setting up when taking them out of their travel bag while the new Pocket Monkii is literally ready to go! Simply unwrap them and hang them from a door and your workout is in progress.

Just like a TRX system you use your own body weight combined with varying angles of the straps to get a workout, the Suspension Trainer design allows you to get a full body workout that would be imposable using conventional body weight exercises.

Make sure to watch my Demo Video Review of the Pocket Monkii System and if you're interested in picking up one for yourself you can checkout Monkii Bars Kickstarter page they have setup for the Pocket Monkii system.


Are Short Term Temptations Stopping You From Your Long Term Goals

We all have areas of our lives that we want to improve, often it is our health and fitness. We know we need to do something about it yet it seems so hard to accomplish these gaols. Why is it so easy to give into a short term temptation like a donut or side of french fries when what we really want is that summer body or even just to lose 10 pounds and fit into our clothing better. Why do our health and fitness goals elude us so often.

For me it comes down to deciding what I really want more than anything. If I want to achieve a certain physique that I know is going to take hard work in the gym and a strict diet for several months then that's what I focus on. I visualize the end result in my mind and make it a huge focus in my life. It becomes not just a goal I want to achieve but rather a commitment that there is no backing out of.

If I find myself tempted by bad food choices or I don't feel like going to the gym perhaps because of illness, I simply ask myself what is more important? The junky food that I will immediately feel guilty for eating or the Physique I have been working so hard to achieve. I also don't let sickness or other life distraction stop me from my workout. Even if the workout is not my best I still go and do what I can. It is a commitment I have made to myself that can not be broken.


7.5 Weeks Out to the Vancouver Pro Am Update Video with Posing

Just over 7 weeks to go till the Vancouver Pro Am and I feel I am right on track to be in my best ever shape, bigger and leaner than ever to put my best foot forward at a chance for an IFFB Pro Card.

I know the competition is going to be super tuff but will they be ready for me :) I have two shots at a Pro Card, one in Open Classic Physique and one in Open Physique. I will also compete in Masters Over 40 Physique but there is no IFBB Pro Card offered in that class. Just a placing and bragging rights!

Currently I am right around 213 pounds and according to my Skulpt Aim Body Composition Scanner I am down another point to 7.7% body fat, that's 2 points in a month with about 2 month to go should get me under 5% and hopefully close to 4% body fat. I hope to hit the stage at right around 205-210 pounds which will be an increase in size from my last show (Popeye's Fall Classic) of at least 10 pounds, 15 if I can keep gaining some muscle on the way down.

Make sure to watch my video till the end to catch some more posing, the lighting is super natty so keep that in mind. It's not that flattering but you will get an idea on how things are looking.


Mystery Product Unboxing Video with Upcoming Review

So I'm not going to say much since this is a Mystery Product Unboxing Video. If I told you what it was here then you may or may not want to watch the video? I will say it is both fitness and tech related and that it is a product I bought for myself to try out and see if it can replace another device I am already using.

Sometimes it's just fun to get something new to play around with even if at the end of the day what you already had was the better solution. Here is to finding out and of course I will do a full review once I have had a chance to fully test out the Mystery Product...