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What is My Weight Cutting Program - GetFitOver40

I have been asked by several people to explain my cutting process so I made a video to explain what I do in terms of eating and my take on exercising during my Fitness Contest Weight Cut.

Watch my YouTube video for all the details, here is a quick summary:

When I am cutting for a fitness contest I feel it is important to go against the natural tendency of the body during a cut and rather than scale back my workouts by doing lighter weights and higher reps, I continue to keep heavy weight on the bar and increase my workout frequency and workload. This does not mean I go for single rep PR's or even low rep PR's but I do make it a point to go heavy and keep my rep ranges between 8-12 reps.

I also refrain from cardio sessions as I feel that weight training burns just as many calories while telling my body that I still need to keep and even grow my muscle. If I need to burn more calories then I just add in another weight training session.

In this way I am able to keep all my hard earned muscle and even gain some additional muscle due to my increases work load and intensity.

When it comes to my nutrition I will be honest and say I do not always eat super clean during the first part of my contest cut but I am consistent on hitting my calories and macros for each day. I generally cut 1000 calories from my diet each day Monday to Friday and shoot to break even on the weekends, this way I am at a calorie deficit of -5000 calories each week which should be about 1.5 pounds of fat loss. I do believe it is important to make sure to eat as many carbs as you are burning during your training sessions as your body will function better when it has restored it's glycogen levels in the muscles.

The last 2 weeks or so I start to eat cleaner and will generally lower my carbs by eating a white fish and veggie diet, about 3-4 days before the show I start adding in carbs and really make sure to eliminate any sodium from my foods. During the last week it is not uncommon for me to drop 5 or more pounds!

Again make sure to watch my YouTube video as I explain all of this in more detail and show some of the foods I eat during my Fitness Contest Cut.


The Sony RX100 Mark IV a non-Technical End Users Point of View

This is video review of the the Sony RX100 Mark IV Point and Shoot Camera is by far not coming from a techie based point of view. I am not a complete putts when it comes to technology, back a few years ago I was more of a tech-head but my needs have changed and so has the amount of time that I can spend keeping up with it all. So in other words I just like to buy my tech gear and have it work for me the way I want it to...

I can be a bit cheap at times but when it comes to the equipment I use for my every day work (which in my case is a making YouTube videos and operating my Websites and other social media channels), I will often break down and spend what ever it takes to make sure I will have the equipment I need to get my work done.

So it was time to upgrade my camera, I have been using a Nikon 1 V1 for about 3-4 years now and it has been good to me but when I saw all that the the Sony RX100 Mark IV was capable of and how amazing the video and photo quality was, the gears started tuning in my head and then like a steam roller there was no stopping me from getting one :)

I know for many pro's out there the Sony RX100 Mark IV may have a few too many limitations for you but for me it opens up so many possibilities and is really going to improve the quality of my YouTube channels and related Websites.

So lets get right into some of the features that led to my purchase of the Sony RX100 Mark IV Camera:

  • Super compact design yet unsacrificing in features and quality.
  • Tilt LCD screen that can be used in a full forward position.
  • Great overall camera for the Blogger.
  • 1 inch super high resolution CCD video capture chip that produces top rate optical image quality.
  • Ability to do 4K video.
  • 1080p video recording at 60 frames per second.
  • 1.8 lens speed.
  • HD slow motion feature, up to 960 frames per second.
  • Everything is built in, no need to carry around a bunch of camera accessories.

And with just about every gadget out there, there will always be some shortcomings:

  • Lens zoom is only about 3x and has a fixed lens.
  • 4k video is limited to 5 minutes in length so that the camera will not overheat.
  • Slow motion is limited to 4 second clips.
  • Lens speed is not constant while zooming, goes from 1.8 to 2.8.
  • No microphone input.
  • Needs a fast SDXC Class 10 card to record in 4K mode and high speed modes.

After playing around with the Sony RX100 Mark IV Digital Camera for a couple of days I am very impressed with it, the image quality is fantastic, camera operation is fast and responsive and the compact size has allowed me to bring along a high end camera where in the past it would have been to much of an inconvenience.


Get Fit Over 40 Update Video - 3.5 Weeks Out Victoria Cup (Posing)

Here we are 3.5 weeks out from my Victoria Cup Men's Physique Fitness Contest and so far so good! I am consistently cutting 5000 calories from my base metabolic rate each week and I am feeling leaner even though my weight has not changes so much. I know I have put on some muscle but still in theory I should be down about 4 pounds from when I started and I am perhaps only down 2 pounds.

I imagine some of it could be water retention since it is summer and I am not eating super clean just yet, that will come in my last two weeks of cutting. I am sitting at 6.8% body fat right now according to my Skulp Aim Body Fat Measuring Device. My workouts are going great and I still have energy most likely because I am replacing the carbs I burn each workout and avoiding energy draining cardio workouts completely!

Watch my latest 3.5 weeks out from the Victoria Cup update video complete with some shirtless posing :) More to follow next week hopefully in 4K if I get my SDXC high bit-rate memory card for my brand new Sony RX100 IV Camera!


Jabra Sport Coach Bluetooth Earbuds with Motion Sensor Preview

I want to thank Jabra for sending me a pair of their Jabra Sport Cocah Wireless Sports Earbuds with intelligent audio coaching optimized for cross training and indoor workouts utilizing their integrated cross training app. The Jabra Sport Coach Earbuds are a high quality BT wireless headset with built in motion sensor for rep and step counting.

  • Perfect and secure fit.
  • Sweat and weather proof.
  • Music powered by Dolby®.
  • TrackFit: built in advanced motion sensor.
  • 5.5 Hours of Audio Time.
  • .56 oz.
  • BT Version 4.0 with 10m range (about 30 feet).
  • NFC pairing.
  • Control Music from Headphones.
  • In App Voice guidance.
  • $169 in Canada.


  • They fit amazing in my ears, really seal nicely allowing for great full range sound, there is no worry about them falling out of my ears even when super active. Very comfortable.
  • The sound quality is great, full range with no extreme boosts in any range, lots of base and just the right amount of mid and high frequencies.
  • No worries about getting them wet in the rain or when sweating heavy, Built towards US military standards (IP55), Jabra Sport Coach is sweat, shock, and weatherproof.
  • Have a built in motion sensor that picks up on movement for steps and reps for some exercises.
  • Works with the Jabra Sport Life App that allows for real time audio coaching. Also integrates the Jabra Sound App for optimized music playback.
  • Seem to be really well made and come with a nice compact carry case.


  • Keep in mind I focus mainly on body building and weight training so in my opinion this product may not be best suited for me personally. Jabra also has a product called the Jabra Sport Pulse that has a built in very capable Heart Rate Monitor that tracks your heart rate while training . My experience with HRM’s is that they are the very best way to measure how hard you are pushing yourself during a workout.
  • For hard core weight training the Jabra Sport Coach Headphones are not going to be all that accurate since the motion sensor has no idea how much weight you are putting on the bar and so far in the software there is no way to input this? And most of the included workout movements are CrossFit based so most body building style exercises that require weights are not listed in the menu.
  • No all day motion/step tracking unless you plan on wearing them 24/7.
  • You may want to do a workout with a friend and not want to be antisocial by wearing headphones so who are you going to track that workout?

I really like the Jabra Sport Coach Earbuds but as it stands it may not be right for someone like me, perhaps if Jabra added some more weight training workout movements with the ability to add in how much weight you are actually using, this could allow for more accurate activity tracking. I still see exercises where only the arms or legs are in movement as being a problem since the earphone based headphones will ahem difficulty picking up on theses movements (Example: Bench or seated pressing, seated arm curls, leg curls, leg extensions, calf raises.

If you do al lot of circuit based body weight movement workouts and or run, hike, walk, cycle and want a really great set of Bluetooth headphone to use while doing these activities then the Jabra Sport Coach Headphones would make a great option. For a little bit more money I would consider the Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Headphones with built in Heart Rate Monitor since they are going to track your workout expenditure much more accurately.