Fat Shaming - This One is Going to Set Off a Few Nerves

I know this video will probably hit a few nerves with people as we live in a very politically correct society where we all must be very careful not to step on anyone's toes... But is this always a good thing? Are there times when you need to speak up and say something even if it may offend or upset other people? Is it worth it if your best interest are at heart and you are truly trying to help them.

We are so concerned not to make people feel bad in any way these days that we keep our mouths shut, but is that helping people really? If you had a piece of food in your teeth or toilet paper on your shoe, you would want someone to tell you and yes it would be a bit embarrassing. It's more embarrassing if nobody tells you and you go on the entire day like that...

The subject in this video is a lot different than food in your teeth or toilet paper on your shoe but I feel the similarity in my analogy is that we need to say something even if it is not a conversation either people are looking forward to having. Fat Shaming is never OK but does that mean we simply ignore the fact that a loved one or good friend is hurting, even killing themselves with the food they are eating and lifestyle they are living?


The Only Three Ways to Lose Weight

When it comes down to it there are only three ways you can lose weight and they don't all have to do with exercise or dieting, well at least not all together...

What I'm going to share with you here is nothing new and really is just basic common sense! What's wrong with common sense? Why do things need to be over analyzed and over complicated to work? Well they don't. I think often times people or perhaps in this case trainers want to make the process of losing weight into a detailed and complex process that you can only achieve by hiring a fitness trainer or buying an eBook on the subject.

Nope I'm not selling anything and this info is all free, all you have to do is listen and watch my YouTube video on "The Only Three Ways to Lose Weight" and it will all become crystal clear.


Getting the 1993 Ducati 750 Super Sport on the Road

It’s been long time coming but here is the last bit of my journey to get my 1993 Ducati 750 Super Sport licensed and on the road! I know not everyone is going to be interested in a motorcycle video since this is a fitness channel but a lot of people did mention to me that they wanted to know more about my Ducati and how it was all going. Besides even if you have never owned a motorbike they are super cool to look at and listen to :)

In this “Getting the 1993 Ducati 750 Super Sport on the Road” YouTube video I go through the final process I need to do to get my Ducati 750ss registered and licensed for road use. This final step requires me to get BC Vehicle Inspection done where an authorized mechanic inspects the vehicle to make sure it complies to all the road use standard in place here in Canada BC.

You may want to go back a few months and see where this all started but for now come along with me and watch and see if I make this happen?


The Big Five-0 I'm 50 Years Old!

Wow, 50 years old! Time to start taking it easy, slow things down a bit and relax... Just kidding, I had a goal to hit 50 years old and be in the best shape of my life, that way turning 50 doesn't seem so bad since it's the best version of me ever! Age is just a number after all.

In this video I do a little bit of posing to show you what this 50 year old can do with his body eating mostly fatty meat and not doing any cardio other than going for walks with my wife. I do a lot of weight training focussed workouts, some are more vigorous than others but at the end of the day it's all about getting stronger and fitter one way or another.

I also compare myself now to when I was 49, 48, and 47 years old showing some photos I took each year. Hopefully I look better now :)

I also show you the current status of my 1993 Ducati 750 Super Sport that I have been working on very hard these days to get it completed by 50, it will be close for sure! Mid life crisis? Maybe?

Me at 50 Years Old

Me at 49 Years Old

Me at 48 Years Old

Me at 47 Years Old