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Bumping into Dana White on Fremont Street Las Vegas Trip


Last week I went to Las Vegas with a group of friends to have some no kids fun with my wife Nicole and of course the rest of the gang. We stayed in the WorldMark Hotel on Boulevard Street just off the strip but with easy shuttle access to the strip.

We had a great time and spent most days at the WorldMark Resort enjoying the pool and lazy river with friends and a medley of assorted drinks... In the evenings we would then take the shuttle to the strip for food, shopping and fun! My Wife and I have a few favorite eats and we also like to drop by a Fat Tuesdays for our 32 ounce 190 Octane slushy with two shots of Everclear. I guarantee this combo will get any party started in no time!

I have to say the highlight of our trip was bumping into Dana White (The president of the UFC) on Fremont Street of all places. I had had my share of drinks which I think gave me some liquid courage, at least enough to go up and start a conversation with Dana. As it turned out Dana is super humble and cool and actually stuck around to talk with us for a while, Dana even came back after getting a slushy drink for some more conversation with the group. Thank you so much Dana for sharing your time with us crazy somewhat inebriated Canadians!