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You Are Not Born Strong - You Must Become Strong

I always find it funny when people assume that a person is just born a certain way. Sometimes we just assume a person is naturally lean because they are lean most of the time, or they are naturally strong because they lift a lot of weight in the gym, or they can eat a lot of food because they have a fast metabolism.

People make these judgements or assumptions because they only see part of the picture which is the final result, they don't see how that picture became what it is, what was involved in the making of that final result.

I stay under 10% body fat all year round but that does not make me naturally lean. It takes commitment to my diet and making sure I burn plenty of calories each day with exercise. I can get fat just like anyone else.

People tell me my strength is only because I have a lot of muscle on me, did they stop to think where I got the muscle from. Was this muscle always there? Did it just magically appear overnight? Or maybe it has taken years of pushing myself at the gym way beyond where most people are comfortable to venture. Muscle is a byproduct of strength, strength is a byproduct of effort.



Tap & Go Squats at Fit4Less 360 VR Video

My plan when I bought my Samsung Gear 360 VR video camera was to be able to record some of my exercises I do at the gym when I workout. The great thing about a 360 degree VR video camera is that you don't need to worry so much about where you point it since it gets everything and allows the viewer to decide what they want to look at...

During my leg workout at Fit4Less I recorded my "Tap & Go" Back Squats getting up to 3 working sets of 315x5 reps. I had more in me but felt like being a bit conservative since the setup was not my normal one that I like to use when I am at Fitness World.


Garage Gym Workout: Squats Lunges and Deadlifts with Darren

I have been training lately with Darren, my Crossfit partner from a few years back. Darren has a nice free weight setup in his garage with a rack, bench, bars, lots of plates and some dumbbells. It's a great setup to do the classic compound movements and it's really awesome to have a partner to push me!

Darren and I are pretty close in strength and fairly close in age, I am 48 and Darren is 54. I have been wanting to show some more training session videos and so now it looks like I will be able to again :)

In this first Garage Gym Training Video we hit legs and do a variety of squats, lunges and even some straight leg deadlifts to finish off.


Box Squats - 405 x 6 Reps PR - 46 Years Old @ 192 Pounds

Another PR (Personal Best) for this old man (46)! On my quest to get a single rep back squat of 4 plates per side (405 pounds) I have been getting used to having the weight on my back by doing some heavy Box Squats. Based on the fact that I did 6 of them with 405 pounds on my back means I should be pretty close to a 1 rep 405 without the box and of course going to full depth.

In this video I setup the box height pretty close to parallel but when I go for the single I will try and get a bit more depth on it so there is no doubt that it is a good rep :) But again the idea of doing the Box Squats with the same 405 pound weight for reps is to get used to the heavy load on my system.

I also included some video of old man Darren (52) owner of CrossFit Langley doing 423 pounds for 8 reps kind of easy, if you can call 423 pound Box Squats easy that is ;)

The finish for this workout was 20 reps of regular Back Squats @ 245 pounds in as few sets as possible. I went for one big set of 20 and got it which was kind of another PR for me that day!


Back Squat PR @ 197 Pounds - 385 Pounds x 1 Rep

Still on my road to hitting a trio of a 300 pound Bench Press, 400 pounds back Squat and 500 Pound Deadlift. which is pretty close to saying 3 plates per side on the Bench (315), 4 plates per side on the Squat (405) and 5 plates per side on the deadlift (495). Give or take a few pounds.

Last week I hit my bench pr and got 305 for a couple reps, pretty sure I should be able to get three plates (315) for a rep if not now, very soon. I also tried my Deadlift PR of 500 pounds last week with a lift of 502 but did not have it that day :(

So here we are at CrossFit Langley working my way up to a 400 pound Back Squat and I hit 385 pounds for a single. The cool thing is I felt like I may of just had a little bit more in me but this was a solid Personal Best for me of around a 40+ pound gain over my previous lifts. It has been a while since I went for a Back Squat Personal Best so I knew I was going to hit a PR today. A big thanks to instructor Darren Clark from CrossFit Langley for pushhing me to my full potential.