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Gym Hero Pro iOS Workout Tracker App Review

First off Gym Hero Pro is only for iOS, there is a similarly named App for Android but it is not the same App. There is a free version of Gym Hero but access to statistics and the sharing aspects of workout data is limited. For the $4 or so it costs to upgrade to the Pro version it is totally worth it!

I have been using Gym Hero Pro now personally for almost three months and find it super useful no only for myself but I also recommend it to my clients as a work out aid and way for them to share their training info with me.

In a nutshell, Gym Hero Pro is an Application for your iPhone that allows you to track your weight training workouts in real time so you have a record of your progress. You can then review this info to aid you with future weight training workouts and also share data with others.

Main Features of Gym Hero Pro I Find Useful:

  • Easily track and record my workout exercises, sets and reps.
  • Estimation of calories burned during your workout that for the most part is fairly accurate.
  • Auto Fills in previous complete same workout data along with individual previous exercise data for super easy auto-fill repeat workout sessions.
  • Within a workout you can enter muscle groups worked for each exercise and make useful notes.
  • Easily rearrange Exercise order after the fact.
  • Access to useful statistical info: Total exercises, Total exercises per muscle group, Total workouts, Total workouts poor muscle group, Total weight lifted, Total weight lifted per muscle group, Total reps, Total reps per muscle group, Total sets, Total sets per muscle group.
  • Workout data syncs to website for easy online access and backup of your data.
  • Easily share workouts with other people via several options: HTML links, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
  • In App workout plans availbel for purchase.

How I find Gym Hero Pro Helps Me With My Weight Training Sessions: 

  • Having access to my previous workout data alongside my current workout entries really pushes and motivates me to at least get the same or more workload in each new workout.
  • I also use a Garmin VivoActive to record my workouts for additional heart rate and calorie burn info, previously I had to input details manually about my workout within my Garmin Activity notes section, but this took additional time. Now I simply copy and paste the workout link into my Garmin Activity session  to have easy access to all my workout details.
  • I have several of my clients using Gym Hero Pro to help motivate them and also to share access to workout data.

Without a plan in place there is no point of reference and no direction. You not only need to know where you want to ultimately end up, but also where you have come from and what direction you are heading in or you can easily get lost along the way and never achieve your goals. Gym Hero Pro serves as an excellent workout road map to help you plan, navigate and arrive at your workout goals.