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Daily Workout - Shoulders and Arms at Fitness World

I'm probably not going to be able to get to the gym for a couple of days so today I did a bit extra. I went to my local Fitness World and got a full Shoulders and Arms workout in. Afterwards I went home, picked up my wolf-dog and went for a 2 mile Jog. My dog Kiya doesn't get out for jogs with me too often so I think it was harder on him than me :) I ended up pulling him for the last little bit.

  • Shoulder Press with Barbells.
  • Barbell Shoulder Flies in Three Positions: Forward, Side, Behind.
  • Upright Row Raises with Pulley.
  • Shoulder Shrugs with Trap Machine.
  • Went home and did about a two mile jog.

Total workout time: About 1.5 hours.