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Mountain Biking in Whistler BC Canada

I had the opportunity to get away for three days earlier this week with my long time buddy Steve, we stayed at a timeshare up in Whistler BC Canada and got in some mountain bike riding while we where there. This time of year it's kind of between the mountain biking season and the ski season but there is still some biking going on up in Whistler.

If you watched my other biking video, you will know that I feel biking is an awesome way to get and stay in shape, to be honest, biking can be a real eye opener when you're not in shape! I feel I'm in pretty good shape right now with all the CrossFit I've been doing but when it comes to mountain biking I have a lot more work to put in before it will start getting easier. My legs felt pretty good and didn't even really feel that soar afterwards but my lungs had trouble keeping up with all the technical hill climbs, perhaps being up a bit higher made it harder to get the much needed air into my lungs... Well that's my excuse :)

All I can say is not only do I want to do more mountain biking, I need to do more!


Get Fit Over 40 - Goes for Bike Ride Local BMX Track

Today I decided to bring you along with me on a bike ride, I rode about 3-4 miles to get to my local BMX Track where I took several laps and had the cameras (Sony HDR & PivotHead HD Camera Glasses) rolling for some of them to give you a 1st person ride along with me.

Biking is  a great way to burn off a lot of calories while having way more fun than doing indoor cardio equipment or even jogging, biking is also one of the best ways to build strong legs. As I get older I take it a bit easier, the last thing I want to do is break an arm right before summer, my son would not be happy if I could not ride with him as he is a big bike fan and loves going to the BMX track with me.

Hope you enjoy hanging out with me while I ride my bike...