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Ice Packs to Get Rid of Body Fat - CoolSculpting - Brown Fat

In this Review/Video I talk mainly about how you can use cold temperature to get rid of fat in two ways. One way is by literally "Freezing your fat off" using a technique similar to CoolSculpting but one that can be done at home rather than in a clinic. And the second method is by using Ice and cold temperature to switch on a metabolic fat burning switch "cold-induced thermogenesis" in your body by activating your Brown and Beige Fat Cells as a fuel to heat your body.

CoolSculpting or "Cryolipolysis" is a Clinical Procedure that uses a machine that first vacuum sucks a problem area of your skin/fat into its cup and then applies super cold temperature to the area without damaging the skin, nerves and blood vessels. This is done by not going under 10 degrees Celsius. This is cold enough not to damage skin, nerves and blood vessels yet get the fat to about 4 degrees Celsius which is the temperature that Fat will freeze, By freezing the Fat, it will kill the Fat Cells which then die off over time and are absorbed by the body.

CoolSculpting is not recommended for people that have a lot of fat to get rid of, it is for addressing those trouble spots and to help contour the body by removing fat in those areas.

In this video I talk and show the possibilities of using Ice packs at home to simulate this CoolSculpting method and though it is technically possible one must use caution since over cooling/freezing an area can cause permanent scaring or damage to the skin, nerves and blood vessels from frostbite.

The second method of reducing fat in your body is by using "cold-induced thermogenesis". You can do this by simply tuning down your thermostat. The colder you can stand it, the more calories your body will burn and over time as you get use to the colder temperature your body will get better at converting its fat into heat energy. So you will feel warmer and be burning way more calories at the same time. Even limited exposure to cold temperate can train your body into burning more and more fat over time even when exposed to the same cold temperate for the same amount of time.

The reason this works is because we have three types of fat cells in our bodies: White Fat Cells that we store up when we overeat for use later on as active energy, Brown Fat Cells that are used strictly for Heat energy, and Beige Fat Cells which are actually converted White Cells that can be used for either activity or heat energy. As we train ourselves to get use to colder temperature we recruit more and more White Fat Cells to to be transformed into Beige Fat Cells which means we get better and better at staying warm in cold temperature and can use more of our fat cells for heat energy. What does this mean? Without dieting and without exercise you can literally cool that fat right off your body.

A couple good ways to kick start cold-induced thermogenesis is by drinking a 500ml bottle of ice cold water in the morning on an empty stomach. You can also place an ice pack on the back of your neck near the trap or upper shoulder area for an hour 3-5 days per week. Of course keeping your house cool will not only save money on your heating bill but also greatly help you burn more calories and lose fat through the day.