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Easy to do Fitness Resolution Exercises

Let's kick this year off with a video focussing on some easy to do Fitness Resolution Exercises. Stuff you can do with little or no fitness equipment. After all, one excuse people use is... I can't get in shape because I don't have a gym membership or any Fitness equipment at home to use :(

In this video I do a variety of body weight exercises and also show how you can use some inexpensive fitness resistance bands to get a full body workout.

So if you can come up with a chin-up bar of some sort, a set of resistance bands and your own body then you're all set!


Get Fit Over 40 - Cheap Rubber Resistance Band Workout


Not everyone has the extra money to go out and buy even a low cost exercise system but that is still no a good enough reason or excuse not to workout or get in shape. Firstly, you can always start buy changing up your diet since 90% of losing weight and getting health starts with what you put into your mouth. If you have not watched my The Most Important Workout Technique You'll Ever Learn video Part 1 & Part 2, make sure to do so!

Some other things you can do are simply go for a fast paced walk or light jog, maybe grab a skipping rope and skip for 15 to 30 minutes, I guarantee you will breakout in a sweat for sure!

In this video I also show you another super cheap way to add some resistance training to your fitness program using Rubber Resistance Bands that anyone can afford. I played around with a super cheap set I had lying around today and they actual gave me a bit of a pump ;)

In this YouTube video I show you some basic upper body exercise I pretty much made up on the spot, I am sure there is a lot more you can do even for legs too with these handy little rubber fitness bands that are ultra portable and super low cost.