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Get Fit Over 40 Update Video - Bootcamp and Posing Class

Sorry for not posting anything  recently, I have been a bit busy with life in general, I was actually away in Las Vegas for the SHOT Show. I go every year for my other YouTube Channel (Replica Airguns), to checkout the new Airgun related products.

So what's been happening lately? I am down about 5 pounds, not even really sure how it happened, I think it may be just the change from crappy holiday food switching back over to cleaner normal eating? I was up and over 200 pounds sitting around 202-203 for a while and now I am more or less around 196-197 which feels a lot better to be honest.

I have also started doing some CrossFit/Bootcamp classes, my wife purchase a 1 month membership to Bootcamp Effect also know and BEfit, they are located pretty close to me here in Langley and this has been my first week so it's been a bit tuff. I will have made it to 5 classes this week but keep in mind I am also still doing my weight training 4 days per week so this week I have trained 9 times!!! I am a bit beat up to say the least but I am finding the sustained cardio I get during the Bootcamp CrossFit style workout is a nice change and will help my overall fitness.

The last piece of news is I will be hitting a Posing Seminar this Saturday put on by the BCABBA Organization and I hope to pick up some posing tips for my next show and also take some video to share with everyone.


Why You Should Never Ever do Kipped Pull-ups!

It has become common knowledge thanks in part to the overwhelming outcry from all the Internets fitness experts, that Kipped Pull-ups have no place in todays heavily regulated exercise community. There is never ever an expectable time or place that Kipped Pull-ups should be allowed...

As a regular "CrossFitter", I recognize and fully support this mindset! Please help us stop this insanity!


CrossFit Langley - Max Shoulder Push Press Workout

It's been a while since I could go heavy on anything to do with shoulder press especially when a straight bar was involved. But I have to say my do-it-yourself shoulder rehab routine has paid off and I am almost at 100% again with my left shoulder (been doing lots of shoulder maintenance and stretching).

The actual last time I went for a 1 rep max for Push Press was way back in September of 2013, back then I did not break 200 pounds but then again I was a lot lighter and had not been training very long for strength. Even though I'm not a big fan of 1 rep maxes, I decided to see how far I could take my Push Press at Langley CrossFit. Leg drive is very important for push press and my leg strength has really come up since last year which I think has really helped me on out with my Push Press.

Well I got my Push Press right up to 245 and even made a nice attempt at 255 but fell a bit short. Still a great increase in weight and I am very happy with it.

Here is how this full workout went down...

3 Round Warmup:

  • 5 Bar Push Press
  • 6 Pushups
  • 100m Row

Main Push Press Shoulder Workout (7 Sets):

  • 135 x 5 Reps (Not Shown)
  • 165 x 3 Reps (Not Shown)
  • 185 x 2 Reps
  • 205 x 1 Reps
  • 225 x 1 Rep
  • 245 x 1 Rep
  • 255 x 1 Rep - (FAIL) 

Metcon Tabata 20/10 (8 Rounds): 

  • Dumbbell Push Press (25 pounds)
  • Shoulder Side Raises (20 Pounds)
  • Skull Crushers
  • Pushups

You can see how this workout effected my heart rate and how many calories I burned by clicking on this link.


CrossFit Langley - High Rep Back Squat Workout with Metcon

High rep squats are super tiring and I feel they are one of the best indicators as to not only how strong your legs are but also, how your cardio can cope with extreme demands in a very short period of time. Doing high rep heavy squats burns up your oxygen super fast making your lungs burn and testing your cardio to the max.

We where supposed to do 3 sets of 10 reps using 225 pounds but the boys I was with decided to get it over with and do 2 sets of 15 reps using 225 pounds. So of course I had to do the same. Except I showed them and on my last set I did an extra 5 reps making it 20 reps at 225 pounds. I did space them out a bit at the end only because I was struggling for air, not so much my legs, they felt good and I maybe even had another 5 reps in them if it wasn't for my cardio packing it in first.

We also did equal amounts of pull-ups between our squat sets which did not give us a lot of time to recover our lungs.

This Squat video was filmed at the CrossFit Gym I go to in Langley called Langley CrossFit, and was part of a three section workout that included:

Warmup (3 Rounds):

  • 5 x Bar Back Squat.
  • 6 x Lunges.
  • 100m Row.

Main Back Squat Workout (3 Rounds):

  • 10 x 225lb Back Squat.
  • 10 x Pull-ups.
  • Actually did: Set of 15 Squats - 15 Pull-ups and a Set of 20 Squats - 20 Pull-ups.

Metcon Workout (3 Rounds): 

  • 9 x 95lb Barbell Lunges.
  • 12 x Box Step-ups.
  • 100m Row.

You can see how this workout effected my heart rate and how many calories I burned by clicking on this link.


CrossFit Langley Deadlift - New 383 Pound 9 Rep PR

Last year in November I did one of my last one Rep PR's (Personal Record or Best). It was for a deadlift and I did one rep at 403 pounds, at that time I was about 180 pounds. Following that PR I had several injuries, mostly small muscle tears and decided that one rep max attempts where no longer for me and so I now shoot for sets that are no less than 6 reps, or at least I shoot for no less than 6 so even if I only get 3-4 reps I am not hitting my max weight and playing it a bit safe in terms of avoiding injuries.

With all that said, I can still push myself and so in this video I take a weight that was only 20 pounds away from my one rep max and I achieved 9 reps. This tells me that I am getting stronger and this is always the goal, be better than you where yesterday, even if it's only just slightly :)

One of the reasons I feel I am getting stronger is because I have been working very hard doing a lot of weight lifting at my gym and I have been eating lots, I actually gained close to 20 pounds in just under three months and in this video I weighed in at 199 pounds that morning.

This Deadlift video was filmed at the CrossFit Gym I go to in Langley called Langley CrossFit, and was part of a three section workout that included:

Warmup 4 Rounds:

  • 5 Bar Deadlifts
  • 4 Ring Rows
  • 10 Lunges
  • 20 Second Arm Hangs

Main Deadlift Workout:

  • Deadlifts 8x8x8x8
  • Warmup - 135 x 8
  • 225 x 8
  • 275 x 8
  • 313 x 8
  • 383 x 9
  • 6 Box Jumps in-between Sets

5 Round Metcon Workout: 

  • 8 x Straight Leg Deadlifts with  (65 Pounds Dumbbells)
  • 12 Box Step-ups
  • 10 Lunges
  • 20 Second Plank. 

You can see how this workout effected my heart rate and how many calories I burned by clicking on this link.