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Studio Sashiko Microblading Review with @Chaybrows

I made a visit back to Studio Sashiko but this time it was for an appointment made for my wife Nicole. We where fortunate to be booked in with Chay Liddell @chaybrows for my wife's eyebrow Microblading.

Microblading of the eyebrows is a process where the technician etches fine lines in your eyebrows while using pigment similar to a tattoo but more suitable for cosmetic purposes. The newly etched lines simulate real hairs and can be used to fill in or even create eyebrows that look ultra realistic. This is a perfect solution for women (and men) with faint or even non existent eyebrows as an alternative to having to draw or fill them in using standard cosmetics.

Eyebrow Microblading is not permanent but generally will last a good 1-2 years before a touchup is required. This is good since eyebrow shapes and trends tend to change over time from thin to full and back again.

Make sure to watch my YouTube video of a condensed but start to finish look at the process of Microblading Eyebrows with Chay Liddell @chaybrows at Studio Sashiko.

And for the guys if your looking to get your hairline back then checkout the amazing SMP work done by Chay's husband Shannon Liddell @theinkbarber