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LEMFO LES2 Android 5.1 Smart Watch Review

Here is my official Table Top Video Review for the LEMFO LES2 Android 5.1 Smart Watch. In this video review I go over some of the basic specifications and talk about the hardware and software. I show you around the watch and talk mainly about how the hardware ties into the software making sure to cover the fitness applications and fitness tracking.


Make sure to watch my Unboxing Video as I do go into the specifications of the LEMFO LES2 Android 5.1 Smart Watch and more details about what exactly an Android 5.1 Smart Watch can and can not do compared to an Android Wear Smart Watch.

I highly recommend you watch my full Video Review for the LEMFO LES2 Android 5.1 Smart Watch as I do go into a fair amount of detail on how this watch integrates hardware and software. in summary I found the LEMFO LES2 Android 5.1 Smart Watch to be built much better than I expected, the hardware inside is for sure very impressive but I found that many of the applications especially fitness applications did not take advantage of hardware features like the built in GPS and Heart Rate Sensor nor was their a way to look at historical fitness data on the watch or even using a cloud based application.

If you install the Google Fit App the LEMFO LES2 Android 5.1 Smart Watch can do a decent job of basic fitness tracking but the onboard built in Fitness App is fairly limited compared to today's fitness trackers and fitness watches.

As a feature packed and hardware heavy Smart Watch, the LEMFO LES2 Android 5.1 Smart Watch does a good job with all the fun pre-installed Apps and Google Play Apps you can install later on. You even get all of those annoying notification alerts from your Smart phone including phone call alerts.


Cookoo Get Connected Smart Watch Review

I'll start off by saying this video is going to get a bit Cookoo, that's because I'm reviewing a smart watch called the Cookoo! In terms of being a fitness watch, I would have to say it does not fall into this category other than you can use it to control your iPhone music while working out and also keep your iPhone in a safe location (still near by) while still being notified of any incoming calls, texts and and email, all without disturbing others around you. And for those absent minded folk, the Cookoo watch notifies you if your Smart Phone walks away on you or you walk away on your Smart Phone! There is also a very cool feature of the Cookoo Smart Watch that allows you to remotely take photos which would come in handy for those gym selfies!

So what exactly is a Smart Watch, in a nutshell it's a watch that can connect to your Smart Phone allowing information to be passed back and forth, generally using bluetooth technology. The Cookoo Smart Watch works with the iPhone 5/5s/4s, iPad mini, iPad 4th & 3rd gen, iPod touch 5th gen and also some Samsung Galaxy phones and Android devices. Check the Cookoowatch.com website for more info on Smart Phone compatibility.

What can the Cookoo Smart Watch actually do in terms of integration with a Smart Phone. Now my Smart Phone happens to be an iPhone 5s so I can only tell you how the Cookoo worked for me on my iPhone 5s. I do know that when the Cookoo watch first came out, the iOS software was based on iOS 6, since then, iOS has been updated to iOS 7 and some things have changed in terms of integration and features.

Here is a list of the advertise integration and features  that work with iOS 7 on the iPhone. (Based on iOS 7 Cookoo Life App version 1.4.1510):

  • Incoming calls
  • Missed calls
  • Facebook messages and posts
  • Twitter mention
  • Calendar reminders 
  • SMS
  • Email notification
  • Your device is out of range
  • Low battery on iPhone or iPad
  • Remote Photo : Perfect for taking group shots!
  • One-button Music Control : Press the COMMAND button to play or pause the music, or hold the button to skip to the next song
  • Find your phone : If you know your phone is around but you just can’t seem to find it, simply press a button to sound an alert and locate it. …and more as the CONNECTED APP develops!


Overall I like the look of the Cookoo watch, I went with the black and stainless version but the Cookoo watch comes in a variety of color choices suitable for men and women. The Cookoo watch is not too large or too small and fits comfortably not being overly heavy, the band is nice and stretchy. The discreet message alert can be set to make an audible beep and also send a vibration or any combination of the two or even none at all, I chose to go with the audible beep and vibration set to on and this setup worked fairly well to inform me of any incoming notifications. The Cookoo Smart Watch is water resistant enough for most day to day uses including showering and even swimming. Connection was fairly basic in terms of pairing the Cookoo watch with my iPhone 5s but I did have to play around with my notification setting a bit to dial in the features I wanted to be notified of.

Watch my YouTube video review of the Cookoo watch where I go into more details on using the Cookoo Get Connected Smart Watch: