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Lifting Heavy Ass Weight in the Gym at Near 49

Some of last weeks heavy lifts. Do I lift heavy weight because I have big muscles or do I have big muscles because I lift heavy weight? I prefer to think I have big muscles because I lift heavy weight meaning I did the work to get like this.

When people say you have a lot of muscle and that's why you can lift so much weight they may not realize they are suggesting that you have some sort of advantage because you are just muscular in nature when this is often not the case. A lot of very hard work most people are not prepared to undergo is involved to take yourself to the highest levels.


Deadlift PR - 405 Pounds x 15 Reps - 48 Years Old @ 195 Pounds

These days I don't even think about going for 1 rep maxes anymore, especially when it comes to the squat or deadlift. I am simple at too high of a risk for injury and the glory is not even close to being worth the risk. That said when it comes to multiple rep personal bests especially in the higher numbers well I'm game for that even at 48 years old one can strive to improve in all areas even strength!

I'm not 100% sure what my max rep deadlift for 405 pounds was but I am pretty sure I have popped out at least 12-13 reps before on more than one occasion. So today's 15 reps does go down as a personal best and I am even more happy about it since I'm deep into contest prep and rather low in body fat sitting right at 195 pounds close to 6% body fat only 5 weeks out from the CBBF Canadian Nationals where I will be competing in Men's Masters Physique.


Garage Gym Workout: Squats Lunges and Deadlifts with Darren

I have been training lately with Darren, my Crossfit partner from a few years back. Darren has a nice free weight setup in his garage with a rack, bench, bars, lots of plates and some dumbbells. It's a great setup to do the classic compound movements and it's really awesome to have a partner to push me!

Darren and I are pretty close in strength and fairly close in age, I am 48 and Darren is 54. I have been wanting to show some more training session videos and so now it looks like I will be able to again :)

In this first Garage Gym Training Video we hit legs and do a variety of squats, lunges and even some straight leg deadlifts to finish off.


503 Pound Dead Lift Personal Best - 46 Years Old at 198 Pounds

There are three lifts that I have set Personal Best (PR) goals for, they are the Deadlift, the Squat and the Bench Press. I don't generally like to go for single rep maxes as the risk of injury can be high and if I where to rip or tear something it would set me back and could effect my training progress and potentially an upcoming physique competition result.

That said I have set some goals in my mind that I really wanted to achieve and they are: A 5 plate or 500 pound Deadlift, a 4 plate  or 405 pound Squat and a 3 plate or 315 pound Bench Press. Last week I hit two of these goals and today I will share with you my Personal Best for Deadlift of 503 pounds at a body weight of 198 pounds and at 46 years old.

I knew that I had a 500 pound deadlift in me but it was more of a matter of hitting it on the right day since much of it was mental over my physical ability to hit this target.

I know there are tons of guys doing way more weight than this but keep in mind I am not a power lifter, I train for aesthetics but also like to be strong and my goal is not just strength alone. If is having balance between how I look and how strong I am.

I hope you enjoy my YouTube video of this milestone record. I will be uploading my other Personal Best shortly...


Still Hitting Those PR's - Always Pushing Forward.

I haven't shared a PR (Personal Best or Personal Record) with you guys in a while and probably because I rarely go for any singe rep PR's since for me at my age it is a bit risky in terms of getting an injury and what's the point really, just so I can say I bench "X" amount of weight.

I prefer to measure my Personal Bests with how many reps I can do at a certain weight and usually that weight is more than many people my age can even do 1 reo for, not to brag but just to put it all in perspective.

So here are a couple Rep PR's I got in the last couple of days:

Yesterday was Deadlift day and I was not into it at all starting out but as we progressed with the workout I was starting to feel pretty good and the weight was moving well. We had programmed reps of 5 starting out at 225 pounds and working our way up sticking to 5 reps per set. Here is how it turned out... 

  • Set 1 - 225x5
  • Set 2 - 275x5 Reps
  • Set 3 - 313x5 Reps
  • Set 4 - 363x5 Reps
  • Set 5 - 403x5 Reps
  • Set 6 - PR of 453x8 Reps

We also programmed in 5 Strict pull-ups in-between sets and finished off with 3 rounds of straight leg Barbell Deadlifts at 225 pounds x 10 reps again with 5 pull-ups in-between. View my Heart Rate Info for this workout!

My next PR was today in Bench Press, again I generally refrain from going under 3-5 reps at a time since it usually leads to a peck or shoulder injury but my bench has been getting stronger so today we did our warmup and then loaded 245 pounds on the bar for 4 sets of max rep Bnech Press. I was kind of surprised at my results!

  • Set 1 - 245x14 Reps
  • Set 2 - 245x14 Reps
  • Set 3 - 245x13 Reps
  • Set 4 - 245x12 Reps
  • Total of 53 Reps for 4 sets at 245 pounds

At the end of the workout I performed three rounds of what I call Fly-Presses, this is where I start out doing Dumbbell Chest Flies and then switch to Dumbbell Bench Press. I used 50 pounds per arm for 8-10 reps per set per movement. View my Heart Rate Info for this workout!