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How to Position Heavy Dumbbells when Doing Bench Press

I had one of my Online Personal Training Clients mention that they where starting to get up in weight in their dumbbell bench press and where concerned about getting the extra weight load into position since they have issues with their back and did not want to potentially potentially strain or injure their back.

As with everything everything there are easy ways and hard ways to go about doing things, if you use technique rather than muscle to maneuver yourself into position when doing a heavy dumbbell bench press, then the amount of weight you use should not be a problem or put any unnecessary strain on your back.

In this YouTube video I show you how I use my legs and upper body to work with each other as counterbalances and get pretty much as much weight as you can handle when doing dumbbell bench press.


Easy to do Fitness Resolution Exercises

Let's kick this year off with a video focussing on some easy to do Fitness Resolution Exercises. Stuff you can do with little or no fitness equipment. After all, one excuse people use is... I can't get in shape because I don't have a gym membership or any Fitness equipment at home to use :(

In this video I do a variety of body weight exercises and also show how you can use some inexpensive fitness resistance bands to get a full body workout.

So if you can come up with a chin-up bar of some sort, a set of resistance bands and your own body then you're all set!


Arm Workout Using Dumbbells

Continuing along with my Upper Body Dumbbell Work Series, today I bring you my Dumbbell Arm workout video. Most of the exercises I show you I do in the seated position just to keep myself centered and on camera but you can also do them standing if you don't have a workout chair or even a regular chair that works for you.

A couple paris of Dumbbells are a great investment in your health and will last a lifetime, you can also start with a set that can be used for a variety of exercises and as you get stronger and get more divers in your workout routines, you can add to your dumbbell set over time.

Watch my Arm Workout Using Dumbbells YouTube Video:


Shoulder Workout Using Dumbbells

I've done a "Total Gym Shoulder Workout Video" and also a "Upper Body Dumbbell Workout Video" but I wanted to do a series of "Upper Body Workouts" that focus on one specific muscle group using dumbbells only. To kick things off in this video I show you my basic free weight shoulder routine. Normally I sometimes add the use of my pulleys and or smith machine straight bar but using dumbbells works great for getting a really awesome free weigh shoulder exercise!

I know I have not touched upon my "Lose a few Pounds Program" for a while and it's not because I am trying to avoid it, it's actually going pretty good, I now weight between 173 and 174 so I've lost a couple more pounds but I feel like I have gained some muscle so we're all good, There is just this tiny bit of persistent fat right around my waistline that would be nice to see vanish so I will keep keeping on, I feel good and my eating and workout program are pretty routine so a few more week swill not be hard to do. At the and of it al I will do a final video but that will not be the end as I really want to keep the weight off for good and stay all leaned up so I will continue to monitor my intake and calories burned to stay on track.

Watch my Shoulder Workout Using Dumbbells YouTube Video:


Quick Dumbbell Upper Body Exercises

Today I get away a bit from the Total Gym and show you some of the exercises I do using Dumbbells all on their own without any benches or other equipment. I show you some shoulder, biceps, triceps and back exercises and even a revised pushup using dumbbells only.

Not too much to say in regards to my lose a few pounds, I seem to be staying pretty level but feel that I have lost a bit of weight in my waist area, will just have to keep plugging away at it...

Week 5 

Watch my YouTube video showing you some of my favorite Dumbbell exercises.