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Daily Workout - Jog and Shoulders with Total Gym

I usually do my MMA workout on Saturday but todayI just wasn't 100% and I really need to feel 100% to do my MMA workouts. I'll try and make it up by going Monday or Tuesday next week instead!

Since it was a nice sunny day to day and we haven't seen the sun for some time, I decided to do my first jog of the year. I'm not really built for long runs, (shorter strong legs) but I do like to mix jogging in to my routine form tie to time.

I use a program on my iPhone called Runner, It's AWESOME and tracks literally everything  about each and every running session. (Calories, Miles per hour, GPS tracking with stats all along the way...) The Map image at the top is a screen capture sight from the Runner Program.

When I got home I had a quick drink and protein bar and then did Shoulders on the Total Gym and then some Punching Bag at the end.

  • Running: 3 Miles - 30 Minutes.
  • Shoulders on Total Gym - 30 Minutes.
  • Punching Bag and Stretching - 20 Minutes.

Total workout time: About 1.5 hours.