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FUELSHAKER PRO Hybrid Shaker Bottle Review

There are lots of shaker bottles out there for mixing your supplements and sport drinks, some even offer special separate compartments for storing your protein powders or other supplements for later mixing and consumption.  

The FUELSHAKER PRO Hybrid Shaker Bottle does this a little different in a couple of ways. First off the design, quality and attention to detail is the best I have seen from any shaker bottle I have come across! And secondly the FUELSHAKER PRO Hybrid Shaker Bottle has a unique system that not only allows you to store your sport drink mixes in a separate and dry area from your liquids but also quickly and easily release your supplements or powders into your fluids without having to unscrew or open the FUELSHAKER PRO mixer container. So no accidental spills or protein powder mishaps :)

This is done by simply pressing on the rubber coated bottom of the FUELSHAKER PRO Hybrid Shaker Bottle to release the mixer disk which at the same time opens a passageway between your stored fluids and powdered mixes. 

All you need to do after that one simple step is shake and enjoy :)

Here are some of the main features and benefits of the FUELSHAKER PRO Hybrid Shaker Bottle:

  • Our signature Fueler Pro powder cartridge
  • Hassle-free push mixing system
  • Turbine-shaped agitator for a perfect mix
  • 100% Leak-proof technology
  • Latchable loop for easy carrying
  • Easy dual-open body for cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe body
  • Fits to almost any cup holder
  • Holds 600ml fluid capacity
  • Holds 50 grams of powders
  • BPA free  

My personal impressions of the FUELSHAKER PRO Hybrid Shaker Bottle:

I was extremely impressed with the design, quality and build for the FUEL SHAKER PRO. Most containers are made from thin flexible plastics while the FUELSHAKER PRO uses thick rigid plastics with rubber coatings in many key areas. 

It’s really great to be able to store my fluids and workout powders separately so that when I actually need them they are freshly mixed and at their most nutritious state. The ability to simply press the bottom of the FUELSHAKER PRO container to do this makes the entire process simple and efficient.

I also liked that the FUELSHAKER PRO was completely leak proof with a screw on lid, many shaker bottles have snap on lids which I have found can open accidentally in your gym bag or in other situations where messy fluids are not what you where hoping for.

The design of the FUELSHAKER PRO allows the main holding area to be opened from both ends which makes cleaning super easy, no trying to scrape out caked on powder from crevices.

One thing I found that took some getting used to was the rather smallish opening for adding your supplement powders, there is just enough room for an average size protein scoop to fit from side to side so it is easy to get protein powders along the edge where the mixing disc needs to be placed. Thins could result in an improper seal which could cause some cross mining of your chosen supplement powder and fluid. So you either have to be a little careful when loading up your supplement powders or make sure to clean the edges before popping in the mixing disk.

All in all the FUELSHAKER PRO Hybrid Shaker Bottle is a really great product and if you take your supplements seriously then you are going to have to seriously consider getting yourself a FUELSHAKER PRO Hybrid Shaker Bottle!