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Elite Physique Magazine Model Search 2018

6 Days till my Vancouver Pro Am Show but today I will have some fun and strut my stuff for a bit on the same stage I will be competing at in less than a week. I signed up for this Elite Physique Magazine model search knowing full well they are simply not looking for 40+ year old guys to highlight in their magazine but that's the way it goes and so for me this is simply an opportunity to get some practice in and meet some new people and catch up with friends from before.

Again I am feeling some of the mind games on this day and so I talk about my feelings a bit but I keep it real and to be honest I am already feeling better about things near the end of the day while I type this out.

At the end of the day all I can ever do is my very best, what happens after that is not up to me :)


1 Week Out to the Vancouver Pro Am

It's Peak Week which means head down and get to the finish line one way or another and do what you have to do to fish what you started!

Tomorrow is the Elite Physique Magazine Model Search but today I have to register for it which is why I am driving in my car in this video opener.

I talk about some doubts I have been having if I am ready or not? There are always a lot of mind games when you get close to the end.

I take you on a bit of a mid day walk, show you a little bit of posing in the tanning booth, share a meal with you, video some of the registration and take you outside on my porch where I just finished up a spray tan. Watch the full video for all the details of my 1 Week Out Day.


9 Days Out to the Vancouver Pro Am

9 Days and counting to the Vancouver Pro Am and my mind and body may just be playing some tricks on me? There is always a lot of mental games that go on during a contest prep with the super low calories, no carbs and tons of exercise going on. You just need to stay the course and hope it all works out in the end.

Right now I am holding a lot of water probably from my huge 6000 calorie carb load refeed I had last Saturday but I guess that is to be expected. With all the extra water it is hard to really know where I am at in terms of leanness since most of the water gets sucked into the fat making it seem a lot worse than it really is. I will have to wait out the storm to know what is really going on but I do know that with the low calories I consume each day and high levels of activity, that my calorie deficit can only lead to a lot of fat loss in a short period of time.

Checkout this 9 Day Out update video where I go through my day talking about how I am feeling and showing some of my meals and daily activities...