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Get Fit Over 40 - Great Workout in Your Yard

Over the last couple of days I actually got to go outside and do some work in my yard, for me it's a bit of a break from my mundane indoor office work I do mostly from home. The only problem is when it's time to do yard work around my house, it usually means I will be doing it all day long and not the easy kind. I'm talking the stuff nobody else in house wants to do ;)

Most of the work I did was spring clean up and trimming, some lawn mowing, lots of weed eating and some clean up of pine needles and other winter left overs. I did so much over the last two days that my Carpel Tunnel flared up to the point that I could barely sleep due to the numbness in my hands, sucks getting older sometimes!

The good news is that I was able to track my caloric expenditure using my Jawbone Wristband and during a 6 hour yard-work episode I was abel to burn off 2000 calories, (no cardio required for me that day).

So doing yard work has many benefits not just in the improvement and instant gratification of beautifying your yard but also in the burning off of those unwanted pounds!

Watch my YouTube video of me walking around my yard and showing you some of the work I got done while getting in a great workout.


Daily Workout - Back in Home Gym

About a week ago I started cutting down on my food intake a bit. Over the summer I put on a few pounds and unfortunately none of it was muscle!! I'm not talking about a lot of fat but enough that now that I am heading off to Maui in less than a month - I want to get back to a solid 175 pounds. Right now I'm a bit over and I could stand to put just a bit more muscle back on. So for the next 4 weeks I have to stay focused. It's good to have goals and rewards.

  • Elliptical Warmup - 12 minutes
  • Wide Bar Pull Downs (In Front of Head).
  • Narrow Bar Pull Downs (In Front of Head).
  • Standing Bar Rows.
  • Abs: Side Crunches
  • Misc. Stretching

Total workout time: About 1 hour.


Daily Workout - Back in Home Gym

I skipped my Elliptical cardio again today, my legs are still felling my last Leg Workout. I hope to get some cardio in tomorrow, maybe even a Jog if the weather isn't too bad.

I did get a nice Back Workout and lower body stretch in today.

  • Wide Bar Pull Downs (In Front of Head).
  • Narrow Bar Pull Downs (In Front of Head).
  • Seated Rows.
  • Abs: Crunches (100).
  • Misc. Stretching

Total workout time: About 1 hour.


Daily Workout - More Yard Work!!

For the last three days all I have been doing is yard work. The last two days it's been more like "House Work" but not on the inside, I've been power washing and cleaning like a mad man... 10 hour days. My house has white vinyl siding and it can get really nasty looking in a hurry. And then there is the brick and concert to deal with. There's also a small shed/guest house and the pool house that was filled with all kinds of pool related stuff that all needed cleaning... Well, it's done now and tomorrow morning I am hitting the gym. I can't say that the last three days have been a break. I would much rather have done my regular workouts but then my house and yard wouldn't look as good as they do now. Maybe I'll take a picture of it tomorrow??


Daily Workout - Yard Work at Home

Not too much to say today other than I spent all day doing yard work. It consisted of weed eating, mowing, and more filling holes in the yard. This took me about 6 hours to do and left me beat by the end of the day. I would have to say I burned around 2500 - 3000 calories in all, and had no more energy to do an actual workout.